13 Actual Steps To Get You Through A Rough Day

Perhaps you’ve seen viral sensation 13 Simple Steps To Get You Through A Rough Day floating around social networking sites. If you haven’t, it amounts to, “Animals are cute, Ryan Gosling is still a dream and be glad you’re not these other assholes!” The list miffed EIC Jennifer Wright, as she despises videos of cute animals and images with words on them. Here, she and Deputy editor Ashley Cardiff discuss 13 actual ways of cheering up, including but not limited to bath salts, cream cheese, and stealing.

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    • magda

      I’ll have you know, that I decided that it was a GREAT idea to read this between midterms and am currently sitting in the library basement trying, somewhat unsuccessfully, not to laugh out loud…. Point being, I think step one is a SUCCESS!!! Kudos!

    • katie

      I actually *do* read the Gloss when I’m having a rough day.

    • Holden

      “Gangsta worm” love.

    • Kristi

      You two should make an equally creative but slight less self destructive list. For those of us who are impressionable and take every word on the gloss as the gospel.