BREAKING: Barbie Announces Bid For Presidency

After decades of being encouraged by women to create more career options for Barbie, Mattel has finally — finally! — released a doll who’s running for president.

Barbie’s candidacy was announced today (we really actually did have breaking news, that headline is not facetious) as part of a collaboration between Mattel and The White House Project, which seeks to get more women interested in politics.

Barbie for President’s official name is the “I CAN BE…™ President B PARTY™ Doll,” which is a mouthful and doesn’t really make any sense. She also has a pink suit and hair that’s way longer than anything Hillary Clinton would ever condone, but whatever. It’s a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately, though, sold on the same page as Presidential Candidate Barbie, as I would have named her, is the reminder that you can get a free Barbie Princess Charm School DVD with a purchase of $60 or more, which neatly sums up just about everything that is and ever has been wrong with Barbie. If only you could get a corset, too.

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    • Anonymous

      I know this is like 263 late, but she’s called the “I CAN BE…™ President B PARTY™ Doll” because the whole thing that Mattel is doing with Barbie right now is realising a bunch of different dolls that have different careers, which is the same thing they’ve always done, only now they’re putting I CAN BE… in front of it and trying to encourage girls to be whatever the heck they want to be. So there’s the I CAN BE… President part. And then, her party is the B Party, so yeah, there’s the second half of that