I Want To Get A Text Message From Hillary Clinton

There’s a new meme making the online rounds today, and it has to do with Hillary Clinton and how much of an ass-kicking motherfucking badass she is. Recently, Clinton was photographed doing something (something…totally awesome) on her phone while wearing sunglasses and looking like Tom Cruise wishes he looked in all the “Mission Impossible” movies. In response, some clever gent or lady created Texts from Hillary, a Tumblr account that speculates on what Clinton might have been saying, and to whom.

Here are some reasons that I wish I was looped into these totally plausible texts from Hillary:

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    • Bethany

      LOVE THIS.

    • Laura

      I’d love to get a text message from Hillary.She’s the most amazing leader of all times and the smartest woman in the world.Please Hillary run for pres again:HILLARY 2012!

    • MR

      Yep very cool – hey 2016 is just around the corner. I have no doubt, 12 years from now half the Democratic candidates vying for the presidential nomination will be men, and half will be women. But Hillary will always be the trailblazer.

    • katy

      LLol, bitch plz