Illustrated Guide: What Your Favorite Designer Label Says About You

Here at TheGloss, we love making pointless generalizations about people based on arbitrary preference like their handbags and nail shapes. What you may not know is that there is a hard science behind this. Trust us. In this week’s Illustrated Guide, we’re focusing on fashion: what your favorite designer label says about you (and your soul, etc). Now, a quick clarifying point before we go any further: we don’t mean ladies who know Alessandra Facchinetti from Frida Giannini; we mean those who approach fashion in terms of logos, labels and status. For example, once we met a girl who said Alexander McQueen was her favorite designer and–delighted–we asked why. She said, “He’s just really fresh and fun.” That about sums it up. Let’s begin.

(UPDATE: Here’s Part II)

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    • maggie


      • Ashley Cardiff

        Next week!

      • Perry

        I second Balenciaga!

    • Katie

      God I love these.

      • Lindsay Cross

        Seconded. Illustrated Guides are my favorite.

      • Roxana Rusowsky

        Yep – love the Illustrated Guides, too!

    • Penny

      Now whenever I think of A. McQueen, I will think of space weasels.

      • Feste


    • LCT

      Dammit. You caught me, Gloss, on the McQueen. But I at least could give a for-real answer to why.

      Next: Kors! Burburry Prorsum! Betsey J! Calvin Klein! So many possibilities…

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I think any answer is better and more accurate than “He’s just really fresh and fun.” Seriously. Any answer.

      • LCT

        Also, you’re not allowed to say a single bad thing about Lanvin, because Alber is a goddamn SAINT, I tell you!

      • porkchop

        Yeah. When I first saw McQueen, I knew this was the designer I’d always wished existed. It’s like the beautiful and obsessively detailed love child of Worth and Gieves & Hawkes. Or “fresh and fun.” Okay.

      • Jennifer Wright

        What I like about McQueen is the way it’s kind of stale and dour.

    • Gabbi

      That illustration for Hermes is just so brilliant, I want to re-enact it in some sort of ironic burlesque show. No, but I really like it. Also, where is that ominous Givenchy purse?

    • kjon

      Rick. Fucking. Owens.

      That is all.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        You know I wanted to do Rick Owens because Rick Owens is one of my favorites. Next week, next week!

    • Bananas

      I love these!! More please!

    • Tulip Jefferson

      Isabel Marant!

    • Maggie