• Thu, Apr 5 2012

Illustrated Guide: What Your Favorite Designer Label Says About You

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  • maggie


    • Ashley Cardiff

      Next week!

    • Perry

      I second Balenciaga!

  • Katie

    God I love these.

    • Lindsay Cross

      Seconded. Illustrated Guides are my favorite.

    • Roxana Rusowsky

      Yep – love the Illustrated Guides, too!

  • Penny

    Now whenever I think of A. McQueen, I will think of space weasels.

    • Feste


  • LCT

    Dammit. You caught me, Gloss, on the McQueen. But I at least could give a for-real answer to why.

    Next: Kors! Burburry Prorsum! Betsey J! Calvin Klein! So many possibilities…

    • Ashley Cardiff

      I think any answer is better and more accurate than “He’s just really fresh and fun.” Seriously. Any answer.

    • LCT

      Also, you’re not allowed to say a single bad thing about Lanvin, because Alber is a goddamn SAINT, I tell you!

    • porkchop

      Yeah. When I first saw McQueen, I knew this was the designer I’d always wished existed. It’s like the beautiful and obsessively detailed love child of Worth and Gieves & Hawkes. Or “fresh and fun.” Okay.

    • Jennifer Wright

      What I like about McQueen is the way it’s kind of stale and dour.

  • Gabbi

    That illustration for Hermes is just so brilliant, I want to re-enact it in some sort of ironic burlesque show. No, but I really like it. Also, where is that ominous Givenchy purse?

  • kjon

    Rick. Fucking. Owens.

    That is all.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      You know I wanted to do Rick Owens because Rick Owens is one of my favorites. Next week, next week!

  • Bananas

    I love these!! More please!

  • Tulip Jefferson

    Isabel Marant!

  • Maggie