Photoshop Of Horrors: Zac Efron Has The Weirdest Arm

At first, Zac Efron on the cover of Men’s Health is like any other fitness magazine cover (albiet with the prettiest eyebrows!). Give it a closer look and you start to wonder about the big triangle-shaped muscle looking all jagged beneath the skin on his upper arm. Then, you look a little more and the perspective is off. Unless his right arm is significantly longer than other?

…Strangely, we find it kind of refreshing to see the boys so obviously mauled by Photoshop for once.

(Ryeisenberg via Buzzfeed)

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    • Kristina

      It also looks like they “toned” his left pec into oblivion… That or he’s just a very lopsided-looking man…

    • ana

      lmfao i feel like these are two different photos merged together. maybe even three.