• Thu, Apr 5 2012

This Photo Allegedly Shows Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Having Sex

There's still time to turn back!

The not-exactly-known-for-their-reliability Media Takeout have posted the following photo (which they’ve helpfully watermarked), alleging that the two people shown are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (such is “giving backshots”).

One more thing, before you scroll down: if this is true, Kim’s divorce proceedings are about to get awesome.

Wait! One other thing! Is that a Louis Vuitton Murakami bag?

Here is the photo.

It’s obviously not safe for work.

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  • Raerae


  • Sam

    He’s wearing socks, not sexy.

    • Dot


  • MM

    I don’t know who this is, why would you take an iPhone shot of yourself while having sex. SO SAD.

  • Max

    Duh, should have used the manual setting and flash – wouldn’t have been so much noise. Love the pinkie wave!

  • Pam

    She has a disgusting big ass!!! she´s soooo gross!!!

    • Adrienne

      1. You don’t know if it’s really her (I don’t really care)
      2. Most women would kill to have a body like that…

      So if you have a small ass or no ass at all… don’t hate!

    • lisa

      pam is jealous. flat pancake butts are far worse. Its must be quite soul depleting when EVERY aspect of your life has a price tag on it. Kim is quite sad

    • Bob Notter

      Her ass is sexy as hell. Your a girl so your perception is completely flawed. Go comment on guy’s asses, and leave girls to us.

  • hc

    One day she might meet a really great guy but what really great guy worth having would want a used up reality star who can’t seem to stop taking pictures or videos of herself while having sex with really annoying famous men? Same position I might add. It would be like bringing monica lewinski home to meet your parents only worse. Could you look at this girl and be proud to have her join your family? So many poor choices. What a sad waste. Even sadder is he mother condoning it.

  • Randy

    Wowww…this is a realllll surprise from Kim Hitmeintheassagain and Kenya Washedup….Two losers who deserve each other….

  • diddy

    really man!kim needs 2 stop doing this if it really is her and kanye?…..wat a bloody loser!

  • stefany

    omg i saw the vido and it is her

    • green

      dont know if thats kim but if that is she really did not learn anything from the first time and really loves being called a whore. kanye (if thats him) has a hairy dick. but then again its not her fault if someone keeps leaking her private photos and videos to the world b cuz thers nothin wrong with taking sexy pics and make sex vids for the enjoyment of only you and ur partner.

    • testintg

      @ green – what lesson would she have learned? Last time she did it she became rich and famous

  • ogbu

    2 devils

  • sogo

    That’s not Kanye, he has a big ol gut and a hairy chest (gross)! And that handbag in the background is a very affordable basic LV style, that kimberly would rather die than be caught wearing in public nowadays!

  • fataldoll

    Oh geez, he still has his socks on….

  • testintg

    she’s not that thin and he isn’t that buff.

  • oh WOW

    YA know the saying”Practice makes perfect”

  • Kepha


  • hanna sewradj

    DAMN so HOT
    like it