Retro Snap: Do You Recognize This Fresh Faced Girl?

megan fox 2002

The picture was taken ten years ago.

It’s Megan Fox. There’s a great piece by Anna North on Buzzfeed about the personality changes people can undergo when they’ve had plastic surgery. North notes:

“A look at photos of Megan Fox over the years reveals a pretty stunning transformation — Megan Fox 2012 could be a completely different person than Megan Fox 2002. And the word “person” is key — our faces are often deeply linked to our sense of who we are.”

Check out the article here, and here’s a picture of a current day Megan Fox for comparison:

megan fox 2012

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    • keith33

      megan fox was 15 in 2002 comparing pics between then and now is ridiculous plus the second pic is obvoiusly a bad pic the lighting is poor

      check out these photos from the same premiere

      • Cee

        No matter what lighting you have or what age you are, nobody’s nose shrinks and nobody’s lips plump up in the aging process.

    • keith33

      @cee i was just pointing out the stupidness of comparing a 15 year old to a 25 year old plus using a bad pic to prove a point is low

    • kjon

      I might be in the minority here but I think she looks beautiful after her surgeries. She obviously didn’t need to do anything to her nose, lips or cheekbones but now that it has been done – I like it. *Shrug*

    • anya

      I don’t really see a difference that can’t be accounted for by makeup and getting older. Her cheeks just look very sculpted (with bronzer) and she probably lost baby fat from her face. her lips are being pushed together in the second one rather than being stretched by a smile. I think her nose is the only thing that looks different

    • Gen

      I think she looks stunning in both pics. I’d just critique the solid gallon of make-up she appears to be wearing in the second.

    • Gaby

      She used to be sooo pretty and natural. Im not saying shes ugly . But, come on, now with all the surgery, looks like a transexual or transformer. I just hope she doesnt end like Michael Jackson.