Cool Vintage Motorcycle Boots Salvaged From The Titanic

For all you Titanic-lovers, an unsinkable ship-themed exhibition is currently in Singapore and features “never-before-seen artifacts recovered from the ship alongside personal stories of passengers and crew.” Artifacts like these impressively on-trend men’s cap-toed boots, perfect for all your louche, model-off-duty street style needs. Keep them alongside your slippers “believed to have been worn by” Marie-Antoinette for the ultimate vintage collection.


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    • ikea

      As to the question of why the site should be preserved, and what specifically made it so personal to Ballard, he replied without hesitation:

      “The shoes.”

      The shoes?

      “It was the human remains, the evidence of human remains, and the shoes,” he said quietly. “Out in the middle of nowhere, you’d go for 100 feet of featureless sediment, and all of a sudden – boom, boom, boom – here would be two matching shoes, two feet apart, three feet apart, and always in the same attitude. Exactly the way the body landed.

      “You had mothers’ shoes next to daughters’ shoes. I mean, wow. That’s their tombstone. You just don’t pick up those shoes.”

    • J.D.

      There was a man in that pair of boots when they came to rest on the ocean floor. There is also, most likely, some bodily residue on the inside of them, too. This is what is so aggravating about fashionistas like the person who wrote this article. They either are too stupid and shallow to realize this or they don’t care. It’s all just about trendy accessories to them.