Homophobes Are Gay, Says Science

You know how it’s fun to joke around that homophobes hate LGBT people not because they are very selective Bible literalists, but because they, themselves, experience same-sex attraction and it scares them? According to a new study conducted by universities in New York, California, and Essex, England, there might actually be some truth to that idea.

Carried out in the US and Germany, the study asked students to fill out questionnaires about their upbringing before doing timed tasks that somehow revealed how secretly gay they were.

Via The Daily Mail:

They measured differences between what people said about their sexuality compared to how they reacted during a timed task where they had to look at words and pictures associated with being gay or straight.
Then they were quizzed on their upbringing and were invited to look at pictures of homosexual or heterosexual couples. Conscious and subconscious levels of homophobia were measured using words and images.

Researchers found that those with more restrictive, “autonomy-thwarting” parents were more likely to identify as straight but experience some same sex attraction, while those raised in more supportive and accepting homes had an easier time accepting their own sexuality. (Duh.) And those with a bigger gap between their conscious identity and subconscious desires were more likely to hold homophobic attitudes.  Individuals who identify as straight but in psychological tests show a strong attraction to the same sex may be threatened by gays and lesbians because homosexuals remind them of similar tendencies within themselves,” said researcher Netta Weintstein.

This all makes logical sense, and would explain why anti-gay politicians keep getting caught trying to cruise on the DL, although I suspect a lot more research is needed in order for it to be in any way conclusive. But since it makes me feel better, I’m going to go ahead and assume that the girl who called me a “lezzie” in high school just couldn’t handle her intense feelings of love and attraction for me and my perceived gaiety, which was due in part, no doubt, to my incessant wearing of Doc Martens.

And yes, that up there is a picture of Rick Santorum made entirely out of teeny-tiny, shrunken down gay porn. Thanks for noticing.

(Via Gothamist)

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    • Heterophobe

      Actually, Science says that homosexuality takes twice as many years off your life as smoking.


      • Miles

        Based off of data from 1987-1992. I would be more convinced if it was actually recent research. HIV/AIDs treatment & prevention has come a long way since then.

    • Cameron A.

      In this case, would white supremacist feel they have a bit of black culture inside them? I don’t think so.

    • Jimmy Hoffa

      Ah, but the question really should be: what is a homophobia? Having a phobia means you have a fear. Calling homosexuality an unnatural and unGodly lifestyle denotes no fear. Therefore, the vast majority of homophobes are nothing of the sort. They’re not afraid of homosexuality, they disapprove of an unnatural lifestyle that the Bible calls sinful.

      • BeccaTheCyborg

        Are we talking unnatural like how it’s found in most other animals? Or unnatural like the act of you typing on a computer?

        Also, I really am fresh out of fucks to give that you think your invisible friend doesn’t like my being queer. Not even touching the questionable nature of your book, that’s fucking inane. Keep your delusions to yourself.

    • Marco


      That’s a study on AIDS and HIV patients who are Gay or bisexual. Not every homosexual person. Remember. HIV/AIDS are NOT ‘gay diseases’ or ‘gay cancer’.

    • Marco

      Also, that study is 15 years OLD. Even people who get treatment for their HIV+ can live long, productive lives. Cite recent research, not old stuff when trying to make ‘homophobic’ claims.

    • AntiLiberal

      Liberals and fags should go to hell!

      • Maggie

        See you there, asshole!

      • Miles

        Thank you for that very well reasoned and well written opinion. You have done much to advance your viewpoint.

      • Katie

        Is that would Jesus would say?

        I think not.

    • Tina

      Maybe they are not homophobes but are repulsed by all this twisted sodomite promoting behavior and rampant sexual diseases in this community. Instead of promoting depraved sexually unfit behavior that causes sexual diseases in the extreme that far exceeds all other groups, you should be talking about the dangers of homosexual encounters. Homosexuals are not allowed to give blood because their blood is so contaminated. The chances of getting aids is 50% by the middle of their life. What a screwed up of a mess generation this is.