Lana Del Rey Allegedly Dating Axl Rose

In Hollywood, if you’re photographed with someone of the opposite sex, that means you’re dating. For some people, this is a nuisance. For others, this is an easy way to score publicity. Guess where we think Lana Del Rey falls.

Over the weekend, the twenty-five year old singer was spotted at attention whore rats nest celeb hotspot the Chateau Marmont alongside fifty-year-old Axl Rose.

Terrifically, Lana Del Rey (as Lizzy Grant) once recorded a ballad called “Axl Rose Husband,” so you can already hear about her affection for the Guns’N Roses frontman. Don’t click that link if you dislike adults singing in baby voice, but definitely do if you like breathless Youtube comments (“She is the Johnny Depp of music. Just as he acts roles only he could, Lana sings songs only she can get away with singing where others couldn’t. This is an artist living in modern day plastic society.”).

Via the NY Daily News, or visit TMZ for grainy paparazzi footage.

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    • Naomi

      Huh. Maybe that photo of her with a guy’s hand grasping her neck means that she really IS into being man-handled.

    • Nikki

      good couple? she was maderized and his face looks like it has:

    • Jen

      Axl Rose is FIFTY??

      Jesus wept. I’m being smacked upside the head with how old I’m getting everywhere I turn today.