Miley Cyrus Responds To Anorexia Rumors (Actually Has Trendy Gluten Allergy)

Miley Cyrus has lost some weight and whenever that happens to a famous young women, people start speculating about eating disorders and anorexia and freebasing horse tranquilizers. Anyway, Cyrus was photographed out and about in LA looking more slender than usual (above) and concerned shit disturbers took to the internet. Enough so that she felt compelled to reply.

Turns out, though, Miley’s just jumping on the extremely trendy gluten allergy bandwagon (which has, understandably, provoked people with actual celiac disease to apoplectic fits).

She responded to the cries of “Eating disorder!” with the following explanation:

For everyone calling me anorexic I have a gluten and lactose allergy. It’s not about weight it’s about health. Gluten is crapppp anyway!

Soon after, she again tweeted about the concerns but she made her new diet sound a lot less like a real allergy: “Everyone should try no gluten for a week! The change in your skin, phyisical and mental health is amazing! U won’t go back!” Surely she understands the distinction between “having an allergy” and “wanting you skin to look good”? What with the sudden ubiquity of gluten-free products, we’re not so sure.

Granted, Cyrus wasn’t exactly helping matters when she tweeted a photo of herself huffing a Carl’s Jr. bag with the caption, “I can’t eat it. So I’m just gonna smell the shittttt out of it! My mouth is LITERALLY watering.”

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    • ugh

      UGH I *DO* HAVE CELIAC. All of these fucking celebrity twits are making me look like I’ve just jumped on some dumb bandwagon to lose weight.


      • h

        I also have Celiac disease and there’s nothing I hate more than when people don’t take it seriously or think I’m just on some weight loss kick. But I feel like it’s these articles that label these issues as “Trendy” not the celebrities who suffer from them. For all we know – poor Miley really does have a gluten intolerance and is also having a rage blackout about, first having to defend herself against anorexia, and now, being accused of jumping on “some dumb bandwagon to lose weight.”

      • superjack


        the author acknowledged that the trendiness marginalizes a legitimate condition: “(which has, understandably, provoked people with actual celiac disease to apoplectic fits)”

        …but apparently celiac disease affects your ability to read.

      • h


        Nope – My ability to read is one of the few things left unimpaired by gluten.

        But what’s your excuse?

        Because – as I said – “For all we know – poor Miley really does have a gluten intolerance and is also having a rage blackout about, first having to defend herself against anorexia, and now, being accused of jumping on “some dumb bandwagon to lose weight.”

        Sure, the author did acknowledge it, but she is still participating in the marginalization by accusing a celebrity with whom she has no association and obviously no access to her daily physical and psychological ailments, or her dietary limitations, “just jumping on the extremely trendy gluten allergy bandwagon….” when in fact, she could very easily have a disease. As I stated, it is the accusation that is most disheartening for those of us with the disease.

        I don’t really give a shit how many people try going gluten free, and if it’s a trend that gets them started, great! Because it’s often the only way to figure out how your body reacts to it since western medicine rarely recognizes it. Chances are if they don’t have a real reaction, it’s not something they are going to stick with anyway.

        But I do mind when I go to a restaurant and my order is not taken seriously because the server/cook read an article like this that emphasizes the idea that “gluten-free” is simply a trend.

      • superjack

        It *IS* trendy, you idiot. That is objectively true.

    • Cee

      You mean celebrities must not only endure bouts of severe exhaustion and dehydration they are now plagued by hypochondriac/trendy diseases? When will they air the telethon to help these poor souls?!

      • h

        Did you honestly just say that Celiac/Gluten Intolerance is a “hypochondriac/trendy” disease????

        Sure – cutting gluten may be trendy, but there is nothing “trendy or hypochondriac” about an autoimmune response that – at least in my case – causes vomit-inducing migraines, visible skin rashes, ulcers in the throat and stomach, swollen glands, severe joint inflammation, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, and, not surprisingly, depression, as well as TESTED and PROVEN nutrition and vitamin deficiency and malnutrition – AMONG OTHER THINGS – that reverse completely with no pill and a simple zero-gluten diet. And guess what – this affects SO MANY PEOPLE! Most people just don’t know it because Western Medicine only treats symptoms with drugs, never looking at the whole picture. The only way most people figure it out is by cutting gluten – and yes – generally, if you have an ailment, changing your nutrition will improve it. So shut the hell up. How would any of you know what medical issues celebrities have??

      • Cee

        H or Miley or Elizabeth Hasselbeck,
        I don’t question the existence of Celiac’s Disease, however I do find it quite curious the amount of celebrities that have these diseases when statistics show that a small percentage of the population has it. I also don’t think that celebrities should be promoting this as something to get nice skin from. You of all people know that a gluten free diet, if done for trendy reasons and without a doctors supervision lacks essential nutrients.

        Now relax! How about I buy you some lunch? Pizza on me? :)

      • FoxiMaiden

        Cee, I’m sure there are some folks out there that go gluten-free because they just think it will help them lose weight. Here’s the thing- just because a small percentage of the population is reported as having Celiac does not necessarily mean a whole lot. It’s a condition that used to be thought of as extremely rare, but as awareness is being raised, we are seeing that it has been underdiagnosed for quite some time. As for me, when I learned about Celiac I thought “hey, this must be what’s wrong with me!!” I had been suffering from GI distress for a couple years and it was majorly affecting my quality of life. I had the blood test and the endoscopy; both came up negative. I had no answers. A few months later, I dropped gluten and like magic, I felt better. That was over two years ago and I’m still free from the pain and discomfort I used to have- there’s a whole spectrum of gluten intolerance and I just don’t have the severe intestinal damage that comes with Celiac, but gluten still makes me feel awful. It’s also a common but big misconception that gluten-free eaters need to be carefully supervised to make sure they get all thier nutrients- I eat lots of veggies, seafood, grassfed meats, and fruits; the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet. I rarely eat “gluten-free products” and I love everything I eat. Grain products have nothing I can’t get from healthier foods, and so much of what’s on the market is enriched anyway- enriched products are far less bioavailable (not very useful to our bodies). If we just eat real foods, we’re golden. Sorry for the loooong post, just wanted to help clear up some myths that float around about gluten-free eating in case others might find it helpful.

    • h

      Surely she understands the distinction between “having an allergy” and “wanting you skin to look good”?

      Hey genius – usually flawed skin – blotchy, red, itchy, dry, acne – are symptoms of some sort of food allergy or nutrient deficiency. So yeah, having great skin is one of the many bonuses of taking care of your health, ie. not eating gluten if you have a negative response to it….

      • Bean

        Hey genius — saying skin problems are “usually” symptoms of a food allergy cuts out hygiene, genetics and tons of environmental factors.

        You should have your degree in dermatology revoked.

      • Katie

        Hey Bean, I have celiac disease and I suffer from dermatitis herpetoformis, an extremely annoying skin rash commonly associated with gluten intolerance. Do your research before you decide to insult someone who actually might know what they’re talking about.

    • kit

      Wow. The gluten-free trend really DOES drive celiac sufferers to apoplectic fits.

      (see “h”)

      • Meagan

        You are amazing.

    • Grace

      As a person with celiac disease, I say we need more celebs on the gluten free band wagon. The trendier it gets, the more the demand for gluten free food and the more options there are for those with actual allergies. I can actually eat at most resteraunts now with little or no problems in getting a meal that won’t make my guts churn.

      So, yes! Gluten is bad for everone, go off it for reals!

      • REHC

        I agree. I have celiac disease and they now have a gluten free section in my regular super market! No more online shopping and going out of my way to the natural food store.

    • Maggie

      I don’t understand what the big deal is, gluten is bad for you and she looks awesome

    • gluten

      Miley Cyrus suffering a lot due to gluten intolerance symptoms

      only, however she is trying to control the diets containing gluten. People must not be commenting so much on her state of body.