Would You Wear Sunglasses Shaped Like America?

It’s great to be a patriot; it really is. You can fly your flag, and you can eat your meat, and now, you can wear a pair of sunglasses shaped like ‘Merica.


These are made by Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow, and you can purchase them on Amazon for the low, low price of $208, or, if you prefer to spend more money, for $299.51 on Linda Farrow’s website.

As far as who should buy them (in addition to patriots), I suppose they’re best for people who only want actual sun protection in one eye.

Buzzfeed via BoingBoing

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    • Lainie Anderson

      These are for really hard core patriots for sure and I’m not sure you’d find replacement lenses if they got scratched!

    • Carson

      One of her eyes isn’t covered by the lenses, so it kind of negates the purpose of wearing sunglasses…. Statement over practicality, though, I guess?