Actual Signs That Your Partner Wants To Marry You

Cosmopolitan Magazine loves nothing more than getting your poor, marriage-crazed panties in a wad by saying that things like your boyfriend “guarding his phone” are surefire signs that he’s about to propose. Well, sorry, but that’s probably not the case.

Take a moment to recover from that brutal truth. Ok. Now, the good news: There are a few actual signs that your partner wants to get married, or is about to propose. Here they are:

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    • Heather Ann

      hahaha, totally not what i was expecting. :-p do i detect a hint of sarcasm in this post lmbo

    • benovioje

      can i get 7 sex positions women love ,
      thank you.

    • Aghimien vivian

      Please I want to knw how to please my guy in bed and ways to shows he loves me and want to marry me.

    • Marcye

      The answers are so silly EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT!!!!!!1

    • Guru

      This is ridiculous.

    • badugi

      Thank you Ms. obvious. Worst slideshow ever.

      • Ibby

        Ugh, tell me about it, I’m so disappointed. I was really hoping this article would tell me whether him farting in bed means he wants to marry me or just take me to brunch with his parents.

      • C.K

        Ha ha ha

    • Flair

      This is absolutely a big waste of time. Whoever published this should not have that job…

      • Ibby

        I know, why on earth would you ever decide whether you’re getting married based on direct communication and having an adult conversation? Where’s the fun in that when you can just ASSUME you know what your partner wants without ever broaching the subject? Planned marriages are for losers.

      • Veronica Gibson

        …and boring

      • C.K

        I know

    • Jenna

      Thank you for that blinding flash of the obvious. This was perhaps the 5 most wasted minutes of my life.

      You should be fired. I won’t be returning to this site, that’s for sure.

    • alexandra

      I’m so happy about how many people completely missed the point here.

    • katya21

      Silver Curtains! Case found out the complications being ‘the other woman’ in a political candidates life. Interesting! Check it out.

    • Dalia

      A blind monkey wrote this article.

      • C.K


    • Bronsons Lewis

      a man must have written this

    • JOOP33

      Why was this even pubished

    • Still Heartbroken

      Bullshit! My boyfriend did all that shit and ended things… abrupty and out of nowhere three weeks later. Fire the clueless bitch who wrote this!

      • chris

        apparently, YOU were the one that was clueless

      • nostala


      • nostala

        I’m so sorry. Guys are douches, don’t worry about idiots here.

      • obbop

        If your verbal output apes that which you write the lad made the smartest move of the many options he had.

      • Nicki Savage

        Good chance you fucked it up, then. Even with an engagement ring, you can still smart-mouth your way out of a wedding.

    • DomainDiva

      Someone please delete this page……

    • smarterthanthepersonwhodidthis

      I’ll never get this minute back from reading this. What a waste. All were so obvious.

    • Jen Clark

      Um, well duh. Attention everyone, caption obvious is here.

    • Isky

      LOL. That was awesome. I’m so sick of all the supposed subtle hints listed in magazines and such. “When his left ear slightly twitches at exactly 2pm” … yeah, I made that up, but they don’t do any better. I really really liked the last slide. High five.

    • barsha

      You are given an engagement ring

      • Ibby


    • Zahra

      So this article was crap. If you’re going to trash Cosmopolitan magazine, at least have proper counter arguments. If this was supposed to be a tongue-in-the-cheek joke, it’s not funny.

    • Ibby

      I thought this was a clever post, and then I read the comments and realized that the internet is just too damn stupid for subtle sarcasm. By all means, go back to reading Cosmo to figure out whether the colour of his shoes means that he’s going to propose.

      • bobkat

        trust me Cosmo is not trying to be sarcastic…they’re not that clever and i doubt their target demographic would even understand sarcasm

      • Ibby

        ….this article isn’t from Cosmo. It specifically says it’s making fun of Cosmo.

    • Signer

      I think the top sign should be that you ask him and he says yes.

    • Tiffanie-Marie Ford

      …the most pointless article ever.

    • Kris

      This was hilarious. It seems like a lot of people missed the point of your post but, good job!

    • So Obviouos

      anybody who wouldn’t recognize those is a complete tool

    • jo

      This is dumb.

    • Jen

      On the bright side… because they were stupidly obvious, I only wasted about 10 seconds.

    • denissec

      You missed the “When hi is waiting for you at the church ready to get married” slide… Seriously guys this is lame!!!

    • some guy

      jesus christ. i got to number two and i realized that i hate you

    • Mary Beth Strebel

      agreed this was completely pointless!

    • Esme

      Tho this piece is obvious and not much help to anyone the truth is that you should be able to tell if your partner is going to pop the question. If you don’t then maybe you should work on getting to know him better and understand him more deeply. I knew weeks before hand that my partner was going to ask me, just because of the tiny things that had changed with him….best tip people if he starts ” accidentally “starts calling you his wife in conversation our on a winner.

    • Itachis Crows

      You don’t say…

    • obbop

      The incredible amount of deep thinking and people power to produce that slide show must rank close to the building of the pyramids in the arduous effort required to finish the task.

    • Mr. Penmanship

      You only need on sign to know if he wants to marry you….He Asks to marry you. Something are just that Simple!

    • Mr. Penmanship

      You’re Welcome

    • shamitha

      i thought something useful will be there

    • basketpam

      If that wasn’t the dumbest waste of 2 minutes of my life I don’t know what would be. Basically it’s being said a man NEVER shows any sign until he actually DOES ask a woman to marry him. Most of them don’t even realize what they’re doing THEN, it hits them a couple of weeks later when he has to start getting serious about the wedding date and plans. And honestly, if any guys are reading this, take it from a woman, women do NOT like the grand spectacular all-public proposals. Just think for a moment what will happen if she says no, and sometimes they do. And don’t do it in front of any family or friends either. The LAST thing a woman wants is her mother or bossy great aunt or any other family member butting in and taking over the moment after you’ve asked. A proposal should be PRIVATE (a quiet table at your favorite cozy restaurant is allowed), romantic, and thoughtful. This is HER moment, not yours so no popping the question at Nascar races or major league baseball or football games. Think about what makes HER happy, not what will look in front of the guys.

      • Kayla

        Actually, some women like grand, spectacular, all-public proposals…I’m one of them. Don’t assume everyone is just like you

    • Shara Mulholland

      This was a stupid, waste of time, energy and space. I think the author should be fired.

    • Molly Cowen

      If you can write about this, you can write about how to get in touch with your happily, with

    • kdog

      why thank you now i know what to look for?

    • lesley

      I Wish I Had The 2 Min Of Life I Wasted On This Farce Back.

    • MINDY

      This is an absolute riot. Thanks for the laugh.

    • Anonymous

      signs he wants to marry you: he asks you to marry him
      why thank you, i would’ve never guessed if that had happened to me… i probably would’ve thought he was asking me to do the laundry… SO HELPFUL!

    • jeff

      The most common source of problems in marriages is that the couple misinterpreted their mutual feelings of attraction as love. This normally results in the couple trying to keep up appearances after about 5 years, and wondering where the love went.

      It is important to know that attraction is an emotional feeling that may fade, while love is a promise that has little to do with attraction. If you are thinking of getting married, then please read “Attraction is a feeling. Love is a promise.” by Grenville Phillips.

    • Jay

      Everyone saying this article is pointless has totally missed the point…

    • Chuck

      When the woman ask the man?

    • Nina Milova

      You wanner know 5 signs that you are a lousy writer? Here they are;

      1). You are stupid
      2). You have nothing interesting to write
      3). You assume your audience is a bunch of idiots.
      4).You disrespect your audience
      5). You get the insults back

    • Nina Milova

      You wanner know 5 signs that you are a lousy writer? Here they are;

      1). You are stupid
      2). You have nothing interesting to write
      3). You assume your audience is a bunch of idiots.
      4).You disrespect your audience
      5). You get the insults back

    • Swan

      Wow. What a waste. Can I write for this site? I know I can do much better than this. Pathetic.

    • Augustine Emmeline

      This is a great list. I actually like this.

    • Alice

      It’s apparent that this was meant sarcastically. The whole point being, if you want to know if your partner wants to marry you is to have a grown up discussion on it with them. Not hunt for subtle clues in magazines, or through the always honest and upstanding internet (sarcasm again).

      It was painfully obvious from the the first slide.

    • Ifuaskme2

      This is truly a WTF moment

    • LaStarr Engram

      This was stupid! Just stupid….really….unbelievable. Did my two year old write this?

    • la la

      lmao. bet a lot of girls clicked on it. this was very informative.