• Wed, Apr 11 2012

Crystal Renn Brings Her Extreme New Blonde To The Red Carpet

A few days after photos of Crystal Renn‘s new bleached-out look surfaced (sidenote: we’re betting that was a wig on her W cover), the model has taken to the red carpet. Last night, she–along with buddies Zac Posen and Coco Rocha–turned up at a party in New York and Renn gave everyone a good long look at her new hair and matching eyebrows. In case you didn’t notice the change, she added some electric coral lip color.

We’re getting more of a Lara Stone vibe than usual:

Can’t say we love the new look, but no one can really wear Zac Posen like Crystal.

(Photos via HuffPost)

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  • Cee

    Odd arm aside, Coco Rocha has a pretty face. Crystal however now looks…forgettable. Whether curvy or thinner, she had nice facial features,now she looks odd.

  • Jen


  • Chelsea

    she looks like a tyra makeover on ANTM.

  • ally

    I’m trying to say this lightly but she looks like the devil. Not in a good sexy way, just in a strange, horrible, and oh so wrong way.

  • Muhammad

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