Megan Fox’s Back Tattoo Photoshopped Out For Magazine Cover

Megan Fox has the cover of French Grazia, photographed by David Roemer. She looks predictably seductive (can this girl ever close her mouth in a photo?). Anyway, apparently the people at Grazia picked up on the Charlize Theron Vogue cover nonsense and decided that Megan’s very prominent back ink would ruin the cover shot… so they took out half? This is from inside the very same magazine:

They removed that giant regrettable Nietzsche tattoo but left in the giant regrettable Shakespeare one. We’re not really clear on their reasoning. Philosophical differences, maybe.

(via Styleite)

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    • Katrina

      Perhaps they had difficulty putting their headlines over the Nietzsche tattoo but were able to work around the other.

    • keith33

      duh obviously the second tattoo would clash with the cover type

      • Bean

        I don’t really buy that.

    • Sie

      Can we PLEASE talk about the insane way the black strap part of her dress looks like its been fused into her spine?! Gahhh so creepy!!!

    • Sean

      The lower tattoo is ugly. She would look better with only the top tattoo