The Top 20 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

This morning, we learned Megan Fox got the French Grazia cover, with some of her back tattoos stripped away (so as not to interfere with cover type, commenters suggest). Last week, Vogue was criticized by straight-laced style bloggers for not erasing Charlize Theron‘s tiny ankle tattoo. This got us thinking: which celebrity tattoos would we like to Photoshop away forever? Here they are, including Fred Durst‘s loving tribute to Kurt Cobain… Dennis Rodman‘s lady with a giganatic penis…Amber Portwood‘s floating baby head… and so many more.

Note: A little while back Jennifer made a similar gallery, but there have been many advancements in bad celebrity tattoos since!

(Another note! We didn’t include tattoos that celebrities have gotten removed because good on them! This leaves Megan Fox’s Marilyn Monroe exempt, along with Angelina Jolie‘s once-glorious Billy Bob).

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    • Cassie

      Man I’ve always loved Eve’s paw prints.

      • Mars

        Me too! She somehow pulls it off.

    • kit

      Jermaine Dupri’s is almost… impressive?

    • Cee

      Does Audrina have a heart/bell pepper/big strawberry with a tentacle around it?

      • kjon

        I think it’s a heart – the organ – with a snake around it.

      • Cee

        That’s what I was thinking, but hearts (organ or fake shaped)..kinda..don’t have..stems. Or did I take the wrong anatomy class? lol, either way, it is a wtf tattoo.

      • kjon

        Haha I think that the stem is supposed make the heart look more like an apple? Like an Adam and Eve thing? It could have been better with a more talented artist.

      • Ashley Cardiff


        It’s a snake weaving around an apple (yes, agree, an allusion to Adam and Eve) but the apple is also a stylized human heart.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Please note, this does not address the question of “Why?”

      • Holden

        But why is the snake colored like a globe? Plus, I think they screwed up on the lower right and colored in part of the snake’s tail red. Hrm.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Shit. Why IS the snake colored like a globe?

      • Cee

        lol oh the work of deciphering an Ed Hardy-esque tattoo.

        I’ll add to it, Im guessing that Earth is a big woman tricking snake?

      • K

        Wasn’t it a snake that lured Eve into the garden of Eden?

        So maybe, assuming the snake was colored like the earth intentionally, the tattoo represents the world trying to lure you towards forbidden desires.

        At 1:00am that is the best I can do! No matter its meaning, her tattoo has my vote for worst in this gallery!

      • Nancy

        Respected actress. LOL

    • katie

      I’m not sure if being married to Tori Spelling or having her tattooed on your body is worse.

      • Bean

        That tattoo is particularly tragic, so I vote tattoo.

    • superjack

      My brain says Jessica Alba’s is the worst… but my heart says Scarlett Johansson.

    • E.K.W.

      1) If you do not have a fit stomach, do not get it tattooed. Why would you do this?
      2) Enough with the portraits of people’s faces – they RARELY look good. Maybe .01% of the time do they look decent.
      3) Hayden’s tattoo is the precise reason you should never get words tattooed on your body unless you speak the language or bring a native-speaker of the language to the tattoo parlor with you.

    • Clio


    • Rebekah Mae

      Eve’s tat only looks trashy now because…everyone and their mother is getting it done and it looks horrible on them. But on Eve it actually works.

    • nich obert

      I like riccis lion. Understated and different