Hard Truths I Learned While Dogsledding

dog sled

Life ain’t City Slickers, even when you awkwardly insert folksy terms like “ain’t” into your daily speech.

A few months ago, I went dogsledding, and promised I would write about it, but  figured I’d wait until it was spring to share hard, cold truths with you. Why did I go dogsledding? Because I want to be ready if I ever have to deliver diptheria medicine to children in Alaska in 1925. Not knowing how time periods work, basically. Normal reasons.

In any case! We did not have a rugged old guide who died after imparting lessons about life and love, we had a young, pleasant guide, who survived. Obviously that stopped it from being the revelatory experience that City Slickers leads you to believe leaving-Manhattan-and-doing-anything-rugged will be, but hard lessons were learned, in spite of that.

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    • Krystal

      Um, Jennifer, the second picture is not a saber tooth tiger devouring a dinosaur. It is a t-rex devouring a triceratops; both are dinosaurs.

    • cait

      I want the comment of the last slide tatooed on my face.

      • cait

        Because it is so true, and I want people to read it. Not because I want a face tatoo. That would keep me away from the people I want to influence with the face tatoo. Catch-22?

    • MR

      Did you dog sled in Alaska? I always wanted to the see the place up close. I’ve only landed there on planes refueling – it is the backdoor and shortest way from New York to Japan.

      • MR

        I was checking. Temperatures in the region south of Anchorage are around 10 degress in December, but there is only 6 hours of daylight. I’d say that’s from 9am to 3pm. Plenty of time. :)