• Thu, Apr 12 2012

Illustrated Guide: What Your Favorite Fashion Designer Says About You (Part II)

Last week, we brought you an Illustrated Guide/pop psychology based on your favorite fashion designer. Here’s what we said:

Here at TheGloss, we love making pointless generalizations about people based on arbitrary preference like their handbags and nail shapes. What you may not know is that there is a hard science behind this. Trust us. In this week’s Illustrated Guide, we’re focusing on fashion: what your favorite designer label says about you (and your soul, etc). Now, a quick clarifying point before we go any further: we don’t mean ladies who know Alessandra Facchinetti from Frida Giannini; we mean those who approach fashion in terms of logos, labels and status. For example, once we met a girl who said Alexander McQueen was her favorite designer and–delighted–we asked why. She said, “He’s just really fresh and fun.” That about sums it up.

This time we took requests. Herewith Part 2.

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  • kit

    Rick Owens is dead on.

  • Bean

    Thank you, Gloss, for calling out Michael Kors on his ridiculous and frequent racism.

  • Edita


    • superjack

      Dior doesn’t exactly have an identity right now…

    • Ashley Cardiff

      Yeah, that’s the problem. Dior hasn’t had a real identity since Galliano left (excited for Raf, though!) and I didn’t want to go for the cheap shot and be like, “Dior: You love Hitler!”


  • Quay

    Jil Sander, Calvin Klein, Burberry–please Gloss, can we have some more?

  • Beastly

    Comme is my favorite and pants ARE tedious and limiting.

  • kjon

    Holy fuckskins that RO describes my life. Right down to the straight mop of hair and slightly sunken-in cheeks. I AM SO TIRED.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      You’re melting!

  • Tulip Jefferson

    Awesome all over the place.

  • Gil

    I don’t want you to ever run out of designers.

  • Piz

    On the real: do you have an illustration background?

  • MM

    Please keep doing illustrations because they’re hilarious.

  • LCT

    YAY!!!! *clapping like a little girl* I just love these.

  • Jordan

    Simply the Best on this site!

  • Carlie

    Betsey Johnson please!!!

  • Bets

    Love these so much. Keep em coming!!

  • Pere

    My favourite brands are Balenciaga and McQueen. I am the most pretentious human being ever! ahahahahaha

  • Dickie

    I don’t give a shit about fashion, I just want more of Ashley’s illustrations – on any subject.