• Thu, Apr 12 2012

Poll: How Much Will You Pay For Jeans?

Jeans are are a staple of many a wardrobe. But we all know that jeans can be outrageously expensive — your average new pair runs anywhere from $40 to $300.

With these rising prices (and in this economy), what passes for a bargain is getting more and more unrealistic. At one point, maybe like, 15 years ago, paying $100 for jeans was kind of atrocious. Now, if you can get them for under $175, some consider it a deal.

So let’s get down to brass tacks (AWESOME that I just got to say that): how much are you willing to pay for jeans?

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  • melissa

    I spend $10.50 for great looking skinny jeans at Forever 21 (and I’m 48) and can’t imagine spending any more than that.

    • Anne

      Same here – I refuse to pay more than $25 for a basic pair of jeans. And in the end, even the most expensive brands have to go on sale, too.

  • Meghan Keane

    The last two pairs of jeans I bought were from Uniqlo. $35 skinny jeans.

  • sara

    I think the most I would spend is $40, but really I end up getting $25 pairs from Forever21 or Marshalls or on sale at Macy’s.

    I guess my expectation of a pair of jeans isn’t to last forever and ever. Usually I can’t get a few years out of a cheap pair.

  • swats

    I saved up for the Made in USA Levis (100% cotton –no stretch!) … 190$. Totally worth it.

  • Lauren

    Most of the pairs of jeans I’ve bought lately have been between $4-8 at Salvation Army and Goodwill — it takes a while to find a good fit, but the ones that do fit look and feel no different than the ones I used to buy at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s (it helps that most of them have only been “lightly used” before being donated).

  • Kate

    I’m a bit of a jean snob when it comes to my own jeans. Could care less about anyone else’s, but I do love my citizens.. I figure if they are something I’m going to wear all the time I might as well pay for quality so I don’t have to constantly replace them. Normally around $160, but finding them on sale is always the greatest feeling!

  • Joelle

    I’m really tall so if the jeans fit right there is no price too high.

  • KeLynn

    In theory I *would* be willing to go up to $50. I think the most expensive pair I’ve ever bought were $55. I mean, I realize it’s something you wear every day, but there are so many perfectly good jeans under $50 that I don’t see the need to spend any more than that.

    In practice, I usually spend around $20. I’ve tried on a TON of pairs and the past few that worked the best were from Target.

  • Eileen

    I pretty much live in Lucky Brand straight-legged jeans – I own three or four pairs. They cost between $50 and $100 each, but I wear them at least four or five times per week and so they are totally worth it.