10 Guys You Need To Stop Dating Right Now

fbi most wanted list

We know what the ladymags say. They basically say that you have got to stop dating anyone over 30 who lives with roommates, or has a weird diet, or is secretly filming you for sex tapes. Oh. Or just guys who love making sex tapes. Huh. God! Those guys are the worst. Here. We’ve got a few more guys you should never date:

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    • Allison

      Slideshow is not working :(

    • Anu

      This is so inappropriate and gross. You’re making jokes whose “humor” depends on the rapes, deaths and misery of children and innocents.

      • JaneM

        I’m pretty sure (because I’m not an idiot) that the gloss is making fun of judgemental ladymag lists about how you can’t date guys who are vegetarians. There are obviously worse things.

    • Karen

      The FBI profiles actually do read like singles ads. They all sound so outdoorsy!

      • Jennifer Wright

        The guy who likes visiting libraries and historical landmarks? And loves animals and walking on beaches with his long-term ladyfriend? I would want him for my grandfather! Except for all the murders.

    • MM

      But…Glen Godwin is cute!

      • Cate

        He really is! Already I’m envisioning the movie of our life on the lam together. We would be a latter day Bonnie and Clyde…

    • A BiPolar Guy

      Good for you and pay no attention to the those offended. There’s nothing like finding humor in murderers, drug dealers, rapists and pedophiles! Our ability to laugh in the midst of this mess of a world is a wonderful thing.

      To those offended it: It doesn’t mean we are making light of the horrible things these men did. It means we refuse to be defeated by them. We refuse to let them define our world.