Gallery: Why Does Ali Lohan Look So Sad In Her New Modeling Photos?

Ali Lohan‘s agency NEXT Models posted some new pictures of her on their website recently, and she looks miserable in pretty much all of them. What could possibly have made Aliana T. Lohan, internationally known fashion model, look like she wants to hurl herself into a deep, dark pit of despair? Let’s imagine that we know.

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    • Maggie

      I think the pizza comment was dead on. Poor thing looks like she’s hungry!

    • LRL

      There are those that make sad songs, expressive art of downcast looking people, solemn movies. There’s a place for Ali’s look. I like it though it is unusual to see someone so young with such a look. I think it may or may not have anything to do with her as a person, one’s product does not have to reflect the totality of one’s feelings.

    • Sara Wegstein

      Probably because the photographer asked her to. You know, models have very little say in a shoot especially when they are widely unknown.