Pick Of The Week: Crazy Colored Lipstick, For Spring!

It’s totally not cold out today, you guys! And you know what that means: everyone’s tearing their clothes off in an impulsive fit of spring fever. Hooray! But while breaking out the skirts and rompers, it’s important to make sure your face doesn’t get jealous of your legs. Why not smear on some brightly colored lipstick and be spring-y all over?

I think orange is an especially spring-y color, but I recently saw my friend Rebecca rocking green(!) to good effect, too. Like a true fashion philistine, I hated it at first, but when I saw her again later that day, I realized she was a makeup genius a million space years ahead of the curve.

As for orange lipstick, my friend Amy is all about this one she just bought from Sephora, and I think it looks pretty excellent, too. There are definitely cheaper ones out there, but if you want something “very bright and creamy,” perhaps a little splurge is in order.

($19, color #40)

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    • Angela Hall

      I will always love black lipstick any time of year. I’ll admit it’s not very Springy but its the juxtaposition of the bright time of year with the sober lipstick that I kinda like.

    • Lisa

      Blue = Effie Trinket!