Happy National Scrabble Day! Here Are Some Scrabble-Inspired Fashion And Decor

Scrabble anyone?

Who doesn’t love an intense game of Scrabble? It’s great for the mind and a perfect chance to show off just how phenomenal your vocabulary is to everyone. From fancy words to dirty words, Scrabble is the queen of games, in this blogger’s humble opinion.

While I know everyone will be celebrating with hours and hours of Scrabble tournaments today, why should you stop at just playing the game? If you really love Scrabble, don’t you want to make it part of your life every waking moment of every day? Of course you do! True love means incorporating that love into every aspect of your life! At least this is what I gather from rom-coms.

If Scrabble is your passion, then here are some ways to either wear it or decorate your house with it. Your friends are going to be so excited to play against you when you’re donning your special Scrabble dress.

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