Here’s A Glimpse Of Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring

We were all wondering what it looks like, and now, here it is!

Well, here it sort of is. Here’s the side of it, anyway, sort of fuzzy and obscured. But it looks rectangular, and it looks big, and as we mentioned yesterday, it is no doubt utterly devoid of conflict.

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    • lolla garden

      Wow, such bony hands. That’s what happens when you don’t eat. Very attractive.

      • Tania

        My hands look like that, and I do eat. Some of us just have naturally knobbly hands. :(

        DON’T JUDGE ME.

      • Eileen

        It might also be an age thing. I know a lot of women who have much knobbier hands now than they did at twenty-ish. Mostly, I think the picture is cute because it looks like a fun trip.

      • MR

        Yeah, it’s a nice picture. I guess they decided to wait so long, together. If I was in a reationship with her, I would have proposed marriage to her a long time ago.