Quiz: Are You More Carrie Bradshaw Or Hannah Horvath?

Mostly As: Hannah Horvath. Please stop being that way. Please, please, please get any job whatsoever. The guy who suggested working at McDonald’s wasn’t entirely wrong except for the stupid opium thing. Your cardigan looks nice, though.

Mostly Bs: Carrie Bradshaw. This is the only time we are ever going to say congratulations to being like someone who was in massive debt because of her shoe collection, but okay, fine, congratulations. You know how to eat cupcakes like a person.


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    • Elizabeth

      It’s for sure Sloane Crosley. When the girl said she was working in publishing and writing essays on the side i was….floored.

      Anyway: I’d be either! Hannah and Carrie both have better clothing and more sex than I do by the looks of it.

    • Meagahn P

      Team Both? So Team Crosley.

    • Jamie Peck

      I like to think I’m a horrible combination of the two!
      Although, I must say it’s not really fair to compare them, as Carrie Bradshaw might have been Hannah Horvath back in her early 20s, before she found a magical sex writing job that pays her like a million dollars a word.