The Forehead Headband: How Do You Feel?

This past weekend marked the beginning of Coachella, which means that the desert east of Los Angeles was flooded with high-waisted jean shorts, floppy hats and — perhaps most controversially — headbands worn across the forehead.

The latter sartorial choice is favored among hipster hippies, a very specific subgroup of hipsters that is trying to channel the 1960s, and perhaps at one point was doing so ironically but I honestly think that they don’t know whether they’re ironic or not anymore. At any rate, the forehead headband is kind of like their very own mating call. I personally think it’s a very played out choice, and that even when it was at its height of newness and hipness, which was maybe 2007 although again I would argue that it was never, it was really dumb looking, but it’s extra dumb looking now that it doesn’t even have originality in its favor anymore.

But maybe I’m alone. How do you feel?

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Photo by Getty via Buzzfeed

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    • Anne

      Where’s the option “I want to rip that hideous thing off your head, you stupid ****”? I totally would have clicked that.

    • Siobhan

      deeply, deeply idiotic.

    • Kj

      I’m more offended by the fanny pack.

    • Lo

      @Anne – amen.

      unless you meet any of the following criteria, the forehead headband is totally unacceptable and stupid:

      - you’re a hippy living in the 70′s (which you’re not, b/c it’s 2012)
      - you are pocahontas for halloween
      - you’re a model and you’re wearing one in an editorial spread