Poll: Who Is Going To Commit Suicide On Mad Men?


Roger tells new hire Michael Ginsberg that “they both share a dream” of pushing something out of the large picture window in the middle of the office.

Roger’s major defining trait has been a lack of contentment about his life. He whines about Mona, he’s turned nasty towards Jane, he’s generally good natured in his cynicism, he cracks great jokes, but he’s fundamentally dissatisfied. This is not a happy man, and he is less so now than ever.

He wants to know “when things will get back to normal.” And as he makes jokes about the new black receptionist, Dawn, being “darkest before Dawn” and the Jewish hires, it becomes more and more clear that Roger is becoming a relic.

He tells Don, ““I’m tired of it. Tired of trying to prove I still have value around here. I’m exhausted from hanging on to the ledge and having some kid’s foot on my fingertips.” Sounds like he could just let himself fall. Just, any time now.

So, let’s roll with the poll:

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    • porkchop

      After a soul-scarring night of work-related-debauchery, Roger and Pete come to terms with how horribly similar they are and then make a drunken suicide pact. Hours later, Roger regains consciousness next to Pete’s dead body and mutters,

      “Jesus, I was kidding…”

      Then he takes over all of Pete’s accounts.

      • Jennifer Wright


    • Rory

      I don’t think it will any of the three. I think it will be Lane.

    • theeuphonist

      What’s funny is that this article is correct in predicting a suicide, but is completely wrong about who did it (see: last week’s episode).