Cat Marnell & The Glamorization Of Drug Addiction

Photo: Mint&Serf at the Broadway Chapter/Courtesy of Cat Marnell via NYMag

Polarizing xoJane staffer Cat Marnellshe of the horrible birth control advice–has decided to get help for her addictions. Great! Coincidentally, she’s just been profiled by New York. Editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff have had lots of criticism for Marnell in the past but now that she’s getting help… do they (or should they) feel any different?

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    • Lindsay Cross

      Jen my darling, I adore you. But you can’t be Cher Horowitz. And Cat Marnell is not Tai.

      • Lindsay Cross

        I mean, you could be Cher. But not in this instance…

      • Jennifer Wright


    • Caroline

      I just love that you guys discussed Edie Sedgwick! Ultimate fashion and beauty muse, I was her for halloween a few years back.

    • K

      This article was pathetic.

      • Kit

        I can’t believe it took the xoJane trolls this many hours to infiltrate!!!

      • Katie


        Really solid argument! Thanks so much for contributing to the discussion!

      • Jennifer Wright

        I guess our new commenter system isn’t working out.

    • superjack

      Careful, Gloss. Whenever you so much as mention an xoJane writer, Pratt’s army of loyalist crazies come out of the woodwork.

      • Cee

        First they infiltrate to defend the “voice” of their writer. Then Jane writes an article alluding to all the negative articles, takes a pouty myspace picture and has days with fucktarded names just so people can worship her.

    • cat marnell

      Obviously since I vaguely hate myself have always liked both of you; God help me.


      ps i don’t do a lot of coke

      • Cee

        Well they DO write more coherent articles than you.

      • Jennifer Wright

        I would say that I’d get champagne for dinner with you anytime, but since you are going to rehab that would be wildly inappropriate, so I will not say that. But I’m thinking it, hard.