Gallery: Kate Upton Is Awesome In Harper’s Bazaar

In the fashion world, lots of people talk about how they want to bring curvy back, how the super-skinny aesthetic is over, and how it’s time to start seeing a wider range of body types in fashion.

Except that then, what happens is that no one does it. Fashion magazine editors continue to populate their glossies with emaciated-looking ladies, people who cast runway shows keep tossing stick figures on the catwalk, and women keep getting bombarded with the sight of rib bones and hollow stomachs.

But you know who is the exception to this rule? Kate Upton. As we’ve discussed, Upton is not fat; like, not even a little bit. But she does have some flesh on her body, and — dare I say it? — maybe even a rogue fat cell or two. Instead of talking about how unfair things are for her, though, she’s just out there modeling and being happy. And, in the process, she’s slowly but surely broadening the narrow fashion standards for beauty.

Here she is being awesome in the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar, photographed by Terry Richardson (there is that).

Photos by Terry Richardson via Harper’s Bazaar

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