Anne Hathaway Has Lost A Ton Of Weight

Anne Hathaway looks weary. Don’t worry, we’re not concern trolling; it’s for her role in Les Mis (alongside Hugh Jackman). We mostly just wanted to share this photo with you because the Daily Mail ran it with the remarkably hilarious headline: Anne Waste-Away. Apparently she’s been on some kind of 500 calorie a day regime (dubious) which may or may not sound more forgiving than her brutal prep for Dark Knight Rises.

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    • Cee

      I find her diet completely unnecessary. If the movie said she was dying of Aids was she gonna go out and try to contract it? The audience is not so stupid as to sit at the movies scratching their head wondering why she isn’t w 90 pounds if she has consumption. I’m sure her acting and make up would have been convincing enough.

      Also, I wonder if she will have gained a nice figured weight back for her wedding. Not to sound too girly, but its going to be such a headache to already have a bit of wedding stress and now to add not having your usual long hair and figure to look your best.

      • Ellen W.

        Where’s Lawrence Olivier to explain why it’s called “acting”?

    • ShastaLove

      Ah please to be forgiven but was not syphlis the working girls disease of the time of the french revolt. The french were not stupid they revolted in the warmer weather.
      The only date I’ve heard for her wedding was Oct 2013, she should have her breast and hair mostly back by then

      • Cee

        I did not mean that movie, I meant any movie in general. Is she just gonna blindly do what the movie tells her to do? Fuck health and everything?

    • Lisa

      Under the circumstances, if the movie is Les Miserables, I very much respect Ms. Hathaway’s decision to look this way for the role– and I am sure that once she is done playing Fantine she will go back to a healthier way of life in which her main goal is not to look like an impoverished, unfortunate mother.

    • Lemona

      Anyone else thinks she looks like a tired Ferris Bueller-era Matthew Broderick? I don’t mean that as a slam, by the way. Good for her, looking like a much-loved 1980s scamp.

      • Patricia

        Cannot unsee it! haha, so true!

      • Maggie

        That’s freakishly dead-on.

    • hanar

      14 kids!! I would hate to see what her vagina looks like…

      • hanar

        lol oops, my bad i meant to write this comment on ocotmom porn article…