Gallery: What Your Favorite Kim Kardashian Nail Polish Color Says About You


Philosopher-queen Kim Kardashian released a kollection of nail polish today that’s modeled after her own nail looks, giving fans a chance to emulate a different aspect of her personality with each bottle they purchase. Here’s what your favorite color says about you.

(Via Celebuzz)

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    • kjon

      At first I was laughing at all the stupid “Kimified” names you made up. Then I realized that they’re real.

      I have nothing else of note to add.

      • Sam

        They’re real? Those names are horrible!

      • Hae

        are you serious?
        …I grieve for humanity

    • Nancy

      They photoshopped half of her waist out again.

    • Jen

      Wel-Kim to my world? Seriously??


    • sarah

      she is Ksatan

    • Polish interpreter

      Nice colours

    • Emily

      The names make me wonder who in the world will actually buy these…

    • Kimberly @ Twen-Teen

      I’m allowed to like them because my name is Kimberly.