Katy Perry’s Sloppy Dress Strap: How Do You Feel?

Last night, Katy Perry wore a perfectly respectable Temperley London dress to the ASCAP POP Music Awards. But much to our chagrin, she for some reason chose to have the strap lazily and sloppily falling off her left shoulder, revealing what looks like a cat scratch down her breast, and making the whole rest of the dress hang horribly on her famously perky figure.

What’s the word here, Katy Perry? Are you sadder about Russell Brand than you’re letting on? Are you trying to bring sloppy back? Or is this the beginning of some sort of saccharine-sweet pop star rendition of a Courtney Love phase?

And also, gentle readers, how do you feel?

Photo by Getty via Huffington Post

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    • Jen

      She looks a little wasted to me.

    • LeeLee

      girls who have big boobs should not be allowed to do this. seriously. you’re on a red carpet, not your bathroom.

    • Maggie

      Normally I don’t like Katy Perry, but i love love love this dress, and she looks awesome regardless of whatever is going on in her head during her ‘dark post-divorce’ phase i kinda feel like russel brands past and her religious good girl upbringing make her feel too clean and goody goody or something so she has this weird thing going on where shes trying to seem edgy and whatnot

    • Jon

      there are certain girls i’d mind seeing topless. katy perry is not one of them.

    • Nigel Woodley

      IS THAT IT ???? PFFFF

    • child

      She looks sloppy and washed out. She is no longer the “sexy” woman she was when her career started.

    • rita

      i wish my tits looked like hers