Gallery: How To Stick To Your Diet When You Have The Munchies

So let’s say you’re trying to eat healthier, but you don’t want to give up your post-work jazz cigarette habit because you have to have some vices left or you’ll be way boring. Also, smoking weed is fun and has no calories. What do you do when those pesky munchies hit? Here are some helpful tips. (Warning: suggestions may vary in quality. I’m not a goddamn doctor.)

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    • Anna

      Or you could just, you know, not smoke weed.

      • alma

        now what fun would that be?

      • Goldie

        Wait– how do I not smoke weed while I’m smoking weed? I think you misunderstood the question.

      • Olivia

        Or you could just, you know, go be a goody-two-shoes elsewhere.

    • Dana G

      Keeping healthy snacks around usually works for me. You have to keep in mind that most things taste amazing when you’re baked. Fresh fruit and granola are, like, totally mind-blowing.

    • MM

      I get reverse munchies. Someday if I want to lose weight I’m going to go on the “weed diet.”

      Of course, I compensate with all the crap I eat when I drink.

      • Carla

        I get reverse munchies, too!

        Also, it serves as a mild anti-anxiety medication for me because I’m not into prescription medication and I’m mostly anxious from my stressy job in customer support.

      • Jamie Peck

        How do these “reverse munchies” work? Can you teach them to me?

    • Kim

      Popsicles! If you get the sugar free kind, you can eat a whole box with no guilt. If you get the kind with real fruit you get the added benefit of vitamins. Plus, they force you to go slow, lest you acquire an ice cream headache.

      • Brie

        That’s such a great idea! And not just for munchies, either!

        I’ve always found fruits to be the most amazing munchie snacks. Especially frozen green grapes. It’s like a texture amusement park!

      • Jamie Peck

        DUDE. Frozen grapes? I need to try that.

      • Nancy

        Popsicles are my go-to as well!

    • Sam

      I was not hungry until I saw that pizza. Damnit.