Eating At The Wrong Time And Place Will Make You Unhealthy, Says Study

So nutrition-tracking app Eatery has just released a whole bunch of data, and it’s in infographic form for easy digestion. Among the findings that are not really new but still baffle me every time: the later in the day you eat, the less healthy the meals you eat become (see above). Hence, by eating breakfast, you statistically ensure healthier eating throughout the day.

If you’re on a different schedule than a 9-5′er (like, maybe you work in a bar) but still eat a normal breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I’m not sure how the time of day has any magical effect on “health.” Then again, this might explain why I gained so much weight back when my three daily meals were brunch, dinner, and midnight snack. (“Midnight snack” was not generally a meal in any traditional sense, but more of a junk food picnic eaten directly out of the fridge after all my roommates had gone to bed.)

As you see here, skipping breakfast may save calories initially, but it will make your diet harder to stick to in general. It may also make you miserable. Eat breakfast, people!

There’s also lots of info on where people eat the healthiest. One of these places is “at home,” where you know exactly what’s going into your food. (This probably doesn’t hold true if you own a deep fryer.)

The salads at Cheesecake Factory will kill you:

And I would be remiss in my duties as a vegan warrior if I didn’t note that vegans and vegetarians came out healthier than the general population:

As with any study (especially one performed by non-scientists), you should take this info with a grain of salt (heh), but if you find this type of thing interesting there are a lot more infographics over here.

(Via Gothamist)

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    • Joppie Nieman

      It is an absolute lie that Vegetarians are healthier, when the Graz Medical University in Austria scientifically PROVED that vegetarians are much more unhealthy than meat eaters.

    • Mana Moffa

      Despite your cartoon, Vegan diets are not healthy . They are limited , and based on foods whose nutrition is lost.
      As every real study has shown, it’s far better to eat mostly animal based foods with a very small amount of grains, and a moderate amount of low glycemic plant foods (hint , no corn, potatoes , other root vegetables ect)

      Vegans are very unhealthy people , prone to cancer , diabetes and a slew of other serious conditions.

      The healthiest and longest lived populations in the world eat mostly animal proteins. There are no long lived healthy vegan populations