Oh, Wow, Joe Millionaire Did Not Age Well

soul patch joe millionaire

This is a post about the ephemeral nature of beauty.

Or it could just be a post about soul patches being ridiculous. Your call.

However, I will say that I remember an interview with Joe Millionaire (Evan Marriott) from years ago where he said something about how none of the women on the show were his type, and he wanted was a blond with a bubble butt. And I remember realizing that, for the first time, that people on reality shows were terrible people. Years later I’ve come to suspect that they are terrible people without publicists, but I’m still not feeling too bad about Joe’s transformation.

Although it’s sad that there is no longer a human incarnation of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

Joe Millionaire has replied, we like him now.

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    • sara

      Aggh what happened? It’s like he had reverse plastic surgery.

      He wasn’t exactly my type, but he was certainly good looking.

    • Kimberly @ Twen-Teen

      Although it’s sad that there is no longer a human incarnation of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.


    • Lisa

      Am I too smart for this site? I have no idea who this is, and I wish to remain ignorant on this subject.

      • Suzi

        Yes, you are obviously too ignorant for this site, so why are you here?

    • Fabel

      I think if he grows his hair back out, shaves that stupid face patch, & picks out a different shirt, he’d be back in Gaston territory. Maybe.

    • Lemona

      One time I googled the guy who is the actual voice of Gaston. I needed to know what he looks like. And he looks like a completely sweet, skinny nerd with Luke Skywalker hair. So much better than Gaston. So much better.

    • Sabrina

      All the fame got to him.

    • stephanie morosi

      this reminds me of how in high school, a lot of guys didn’t want to date me or my girlfriend b/c we were braces and had acne. We both went on to become very good looking. We now go to expensive parties and modeling gigs but they have gotten bald, fat. My high school reunion involved one of them chasing me around the party so much trying to hit on me that I left early.

    • breezy

      Maybe you should flag this post as updated considering Joe himself had something to say about it?

    • Marisa

      Apparently you do not know what a soul patch is . You can easily look it up on Wikipedia .

    • Jane

      Give the guy a break- are any of you not going to grow older, fatter or less attractive. This is what time does to you. He looks fine.

    • Suzi

      Most writers write with their opinions in mind, too. I think that Joe Millionaire is as handsome today as he was back in 2003. I can’t imagine how it would be to be thrown to the wolves like he was. Sure, anybody would get a big head. Why blame him? Blame all the fake people who built him up. Evan is a good guy and he always has been. He did not just become a good guy over the past decade. That is something his parents taught to him. Manners.
      Just because you did not care for his persona does not mean that he was a bad guy. There are so many worse “big-headed actors/actresses” that you should be focusing on.
      Evan, you don’t owe anyone, anything. You were the bigger person in this picture because you had the humility to apologize. Maybe more people should be so humble.

    • Willa

      Good for him that he got to learn that lesson early in life. And there is nothing wrong with the way he looks. He just gained a few pounds and cut his hair and why do people hate soul patches.. I have always liked them, maybe because my daddy had one back in the day when it was just called a goatee. It is insane when people pick one thing and declare it stupid. For what reason. Like carpet and popcorn ceilings. (The most annoying thing on one of my favorite channels, HGTV.) Someone told you there were bad so you accept it? Arrgh! If you like it then it’s okay. (Well except for the things on The People of Walmart website.) There is a line. Hehe!