Why Are There So Many Women Suddenly Trying To Look Like Barbie?

Barbie has always been somewhat problematic from a role-model perspective. Her career goals have generally erred on the side of not having career goals, her feet have been bent into perma-heels, and her proportions seemed physically unattainable.

Until recently. Because now, between plastic surgery and extreme make-up and Photoshop, it appears as though a small cluster of women are actually trying to look like Barbie. Like, real-life Barbie.

First there was Heidi Montag. Then there was the Russian doll-woman. Then there was Dakota Rose. And now, there’s a new Ukranian chick named Valeria Lukyanova, who’s making the rounds online for what might be a bunch of totally Photoshopped pictures, or what might be an example of plastic surgery gone to an extreme (but is likely both).

Lukyanova shot to internet fame when an animated video created by NMA TV speculated about the surgeries that she may have had. Flipping through pictures on her Facebook page, meanwhile, makes it impossible to discern what Lukyanova actually looks like, but also makes it clear that what she’s going for is straight up Mattel.

Now, I have to say that when it comes to body modifications, I’m of the “do whatever you want with your body” camp. Would I get surgery to make myself look like a cat or something? No. But I don’t think I have any right to pass judgment on other people’s decisions about what to do with their own bodies, since I certainly wouldn’t want anyone passing judgment about mine.

But I do find it curious and noteworthy that looking like a Barbie doll seems to be a trend right now. Is it because the look, which was once almost impossible to achieve, is now in the realm of the feasible? Is it because people are more into experimenting in an extreme way with their looks? Or is it really just as simple as people believing that Barbie is the definition of physical perfection (I tend to find her a bit predictable)?

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    • scallywag

      Should Kim Kardashian be worried? Should we expect a reality show anytime soon? Or is Valeria some middle aged (gangster) frumpy has been having a good old laugh at our desperate desire to believe in the impossible?

      Oh dear what ever happened to liking a woman that resembled what mother nature intended her to look like, soft, toned in the right places and a smattering of imperfections that we could all love and adore…?


    • Lindsey

      Everyone wants to be popular in Japan?

    • Cait

      Poor Midge. No one wants to get extreme plastic surgery to be her.

      Come to think of it, poor Skipper. Can you imagine having Barbie as a big sister?

      • Nessy

        I always thought Midge had better hair.

    • Lilac

      From when we are young playing with barbies helps define how we think of beauty and what is beautiful. Just look at all those barbie movies for kids where she is always the hero but always the most beautiful character with the kindest heart and acting like she doesn’t know how beautiful she really is. Its not a huge jump mentally for an unattractive/ lonely/ neglected child to want to be a beautiful barbie when she grows up so everyone will love her. I fall into that category.

    • Monica

      Your questions are great. Good job. Have you heard of the Ukranian, real-life anime girl? http://bit.ly/SwUFgz

    • Karen

      I feel like looking like Barbie has always been the “trend”, the ideal to aspire for. That’s why it’s a doll, because it’s a representation of a “perfect” woman which of course does not exist.