Lana Del Rey Releases New Video For “Carmen”

Lana Del Rey is always in some state of dying or another. She was born to die, yo. Today she’s dying of meth or teenage prostitution. One of those.

…But Dey Rey’s obsession with mortality may evince something more than facile self-mythologizing: awareness of expiration dates at her record company. After two singles with more polished clips bombed (“Born to Die” and “Blue Jeans”), perhaps some undercurrent of urgency at Del Rey HQ has dictated the aesthetic of “Carmen,” an impressively obvious attempt to recreate the low-fi spell of “Video Games.”


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    • Jon

      i hate that you guys hate her so much. :(

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Tell us why!

      • Jon

        hmm….well, i certainly understand the impulse to mock her and it’s not like you guy don’t have the right to hate on her and all. generally, i agree with you guys on most of the celebs that you rip on (i.e. kim k. and zooey d. come to mind). and while lana’s schtick might not appeal to everybody, i don’t get the same feeling of her shoving it down my throat that i do with zooey or kim (at the very least, not to the degree of the latter two). she’s harmless enough is what i’m saying.

    • Holden

      I LOVE that you guys hate her so much.

      • kit

        Yup! Give me 1 post a day of LDR hate and I will click. That may make me seem petty and bored but… but I’m okay with that. Because she gives me hives.

    • chelsea

      i love lana del rey because her voice is haunting and because she sings gorgeous melodies. that’s pretty much it. i’m a musician and while i get it when people pick apart the technically “bad” things that other artists do, it doesn’t make me stop obsessively playing a song on repeat, and that’s my only real meter for how good or bad something is. yes, her PR plan is kinda stupid and there’s obvious holes in the LDR plot to take over the media, but i also find that slightly endearing…and i like that she takes such pains to present herself as an entire package- visually, contextually, etc. Granted, its silly, and she also might take herself WAY too seriously, but I’m not gonna lie and say that the stylized character she has created isn’t compelling. And y’all cant lie, either, since you can’t leave it alone. Yeah, the haters are hating, but they aren’t looking away.

    • chelsea

      however i will agree that this video is the exact same thing as the other one. soooooooo…that’s dumb

    • Lindsey

      OK. I have a question. I was bathroom reading Us weekly. They have a ‘who wore it better’ section thing with two celebrities, and invariably the more famous one wins.

      I’m somewhat baffled by the Lana Del Rey/Sarah Jessica Parker one went.
      SJP got like, 93% of the votes. I don’t get it! The neckline and the pattern make it seem like she’s constantly inhaling. And without the sleeves and neckline as Lana wears it it looks like a dress you could buy at target for easter, possibly with a matching one for a child. I just noticed Lana’s stockings, but I think they might be sheer stockings reacting badly to flash?

      Basically… Sarah, why you no pick the prettier cut of the dress?

    • Starofthemag

      She’s a talented songwriter, whatever else you want to say about her doesn’t change that. Her songs are interesting and evocative. And their hers.

      She’s not the best singer but I prefer the flaws to the soulless perfection of a Beyonce or the vapid belting of Katy Perry. I do wish she’d work on that throaty thing she’s going for. Maybe after a solid decade of scotch and cigarettes?

      Nicki Minaj is very outspoken about managing her image a certain way (weird) for certain reasons (money) and while LDR is also obviously crazy particular about image, she’s perhaps trying to retain an air of mystique about the whole thing, which in 2012 is kind of laughable. Also, the lips. What the what.

      Verdict: I prefer to save my hate for the jackholes writing the bulk of today’s bullshirt pop music which I find generally insulting to both intelligence and good taste, but I get why you don’t like her. Personally, I’ll take LDR’s desperation over Madonna’s/Lady GaGa’s/Miley Cyrus’ desperation any day of the week.

      This is why I don’t comment that much.
      I have a lot to say. Blerg.

    • Hall

      I actually like her voice. She doesn’t do well live but I think her recorded voice is very pretty, it reminded me of of Stevie Nicks the first time I heard it. And that doesn’t mean I think she’s the new Stevie Nicks or anything. Her songwriting, however, is atrocious! It’s stupid, vapid, hipster shit that completely takes me out of whatever she’s singing no matter what. If she could show any depth I would be a huge fan. I’m not though & it’s just sad to know that she could be good.