We Heard From Joe Millionaire, He Sounds Really Nice, Self-Aware

joe millionaire evan marriot

Well, now we feel terrible.

Yesterday we ran a post where we mentioned that we thought Joe Millionaire (Evan Marriott) was a terrible person because of an interview he gave years ago stating that he wanted a blond with a cute little bubble butt. Sometimes we just throw out vitriol. Then we got the following incredibly nice, self aware letter from him. Ugh! He is a person! Sometimes we forget reality stars are people! We are jerks. We told him the following letter changed our opinion of him, and that we think it will change yours, too. Though the goatee still isn’t working for him. We stand by that. He explains:

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    • JaneM

      I just want to say: the guy in this letter? I would totally go down on him in the woods.

      • B


        Which is not a way I ever thought I’d feel about Joe Millionaire.

    • endn

      that is super nice! I’m really interested to see, as that first wave of reality stars is hitting the fame-chewed-me-up-and-spit-me-out phase, if more former stars come forward about what really happened.

    • Nancy

      That’s so great that he wrote you back! Good onyou, and on him!

    • Leila

      That’s a fair amount of depth right there. I actually always got the impression he was a nice guy, and now, that kinda proved, I’m just more angry at reality television in general for screwing with their subjects heads.

      On a completely shallow note, I agree, soul patch needs to go–let’s all just leave the 90s far far behind us…

    • breezy

      So awesome to hear! I love humbled, self-aware reflections.

    • Sophia

      Wow, now I feel horrible for letting myself be swayed on a person’s true character based on an article you wrote. You have a certain responsibility for the opinions people form about the figures you write about, and sometimes you’re just plain MEAN.

      While I acknowledge I do find your opinions fucking hilarious, I have to realize that they are just that; OPINIONS.

    • Jennifer

      What an insightful letter. Elevates the standards of this site, I think. Perhaps he could be a regular contributor.

      • Ellen W.

        I would read his recaps of The Bachelor or any other reality show, no question. Especially if it’s a chance to get him to feel a little bit redeemed.

        I should mention here- Joe Millionaire (original flavor) and Temptation Island II are the only reality shows I’ve watched from beginning to end. So I have a little bit of guilt about “Joe” that needs exorcising. Give me a chance to support Joe in something positive! Joe for Recaps!

    • Marlee

      “We” wrote it instead of you, personally? Nice work.

      Is there a “Block Author” feature?

      • Rachel

        Right? As soon as I read that, I thought, “Wow, wish I was in a position where I could hide behind an inclusive We. I could turn off my ‘mature adult’ switch for every conflictual situation, or whenever I need to apologize, especially when it’s intimidating and I have to be sincere.”

    • DC

      Aw, he does seem nice. Let’s all give Joe Millionaire another chance to win our hearts, and $500,000!

      Related: Can we get in touch with Darva Conger, the chick who “won” Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire? Whats she up to these days?

    • Marissa

      Am I the only one who detects a sale-sy, insincere vibe, still? It’s his overuse of the author’s first name. Plus the way he off-handedly mentioned how he “gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars to good causes and those I wanted to help.” I don’t know…as a ghost writer, maybe I’m being harsh on his.

      • pyronite

        I was a bit thrown off by that too, but in the end, isn’t this still better than 95% of the things you read out there in the world? It’s not as if he’s expecting to climb back to fame with a simple response letter to 1 in a million articles about him – it came off as authentic to me.

    • Lisa

      Nice. Reading Joe’s apology letters seems like a much more efficient and pleasant way to learn about the human condition than watching 30 hours of reality television.

      Thank you ;>

    • Canonizer

      He could really stand to gain from some writing lessons.

    • Lore West

      None of us look the same as we looked in 2003 and it is unfair to assume anyone would. And I find it unbelievable that in 2012 it is okay to criticize a person, male or female based on their appearance.

    • Soula8

      I used to work with Evan, aka Joe Millionare, and he is/was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known. I have worked in the industry a long time, and have worked with a lot of douches (some of who are probably your favorite stars). It’s amazing how quickly a nice person can change to a monster when surrounded by “yes” men and money. And for all of you being judgmental, I’d be willing to bet when surrounded by the same challenges you might transform into a douche pretty quickly too. Even at the height of his fame & “douche-ness”, Evan was always caring and polite and kind to those in his life.

      • marlakins

        May we all strive to say/write things that would make our parents proud. Make a note of that, Ms. Wright.

    • Donna

      I knew Evan when he attended Hargrave Military Academy with my son and he was sweet as can be…I believe these “reality” shows want to bring out the worst in people because it sells…Evan, I think you aged very well..just get rid of that goat tee…does nothing for you..