• Tue, Apr 24 2012

Agent Provocateur Ad Features Lingerie-Clad Superhero

Here’s an ad for lingerie by Agent Provocateur that takes the standard undies commercial and turns it on its head.

In it, an elderly woman gets her purse stolen, and coming to her rescue is a young, attractive model-looking lady. The model immediately gives chase to the thief, but as she runs, her clothes get pulled off — first her sweater, then her dress, till all she’s wearing is undies.

Nice-looking undies, at that.

The slogan is “Sexy never takes a day off.”

I’m not really sure what that’s supposed to mean, actually, but I do know that I like the ad, if only because it’s a lot more awesome than the usual lingerie ads that feature models walking slowly towards the camera with a fan blowing their hair around and a dimply lit background, as they lift and lower their limbs in what is supposed to be a sultry manner.

Seriously. Running after a burglar trumps that by like a million.

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  • Crystal

    Those undies kinda enthrall and confuse me at the same time; same with the commercial. Really great actress though, she made it satirical while looking great at the same time.