Gallery: Fun Sports For Girls, According To The Internet

Last night, while talking to my roommate about how we might be able to get some exercise without running in place at the gym like a couple of goddamn hamsters in a wheel, I started Googling around the internet for suggestions. Terms searched included “fun sports for girls,” “women’s exercise fun,” and “how to get exercise without wanting to kill myself.” The answers I came up with were varied and exciting. Perhaps I’ll even try one of them.

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    • Sarah!

      When I was in college I knew a bunch of girls (and a dude who reffed) on the local roller derby team, and they kept trying to get me to join but I was too scared. I’m not a great skater. Also you have to come up with a clever nickname about hurting people. It just seemed like way too much pressure.

    • Erin

      Nobody said field hockey?!?!?! Field hockey is the best! I played for eight years and coached kids teams for five. It’s got short-distance running , aggression, teamwork, great warm-up routines, and spunky outfits!

    • Simonelli smith

      Its a Good reality for the girls to more Interesting in the Sport.

    • Maggie

      Don’t let a fear of getting hurt hold you back, after all there’s a risk of injury in every sport. I play rugby, (American) football, and have just started with my local roller derby team, and women’s contact sports are so much fun. There’s also the benefit of team camaraderie, exercise, and meeting new people. But really, every sport is fun for girls, because girls can play any sport and be good at it, dammit!

      P.S. Roller derby is the SHIT. Try it at least once!

      • Sarah!

        I think I’m the most scared of having a lame name. What is your roller derby name??

    • Christie

      How about swimming? I’m surprised this wasn’t mentioned. Great full body workout and easy on the joints.

    • Ellen W.

      Jaime- your fear of getting hurt is mother nature’s way of protecting the ladies already doing roller derby because I have a feeling you would TEAR IT UP.

      I do indoor rock climbing because it’s about the only thing at the gym that’s fun. And it helps with bond density! Unless you fall and break things which is why that part isn’t recommended.

      • Jamie Peck

        Aw, thanks for the vote of confidence. The more I think about it, the more I want to actually try it! It’s funny, I can sit for hours getting tattooed but the thought of getting elbowed in the boob makes me want to cry.

    • M -

      Roller derby is amazing. They prepare you very well, so once you start to bout, you’re no longer scared. Definitely recommend it.

    • woo

      Forget outdoor soccer, get some futsal up yer! No offside and 30 minutes of running like a maniac!

    • Sophia

      OMG YES. Roller Derby. There aren’t many organized team sport options after High School for the non Varsity athlete…Club sports in college are great if you have the time and a dedicated program that takes it seriously and if you don’t go to college what options are available beyond shitty, ill run rec leagues with no passion… I am so glad I found derby and am in the best physical and mental shape e.v.e.r. There is no reason to be afraid, leagues won’t just throw you out in a game without making sure you’re comfortable and a good skater…You’ve got to pass rules and skills testing on top of it. BONUS: It’s better than therapy!

    • jada

      im looking for more active things like vollyball

    • chary fano-manango

      I do love beach volleyball as well as badminton.
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    • samir

      I love tennis