Is This A Metaphor For Something?

Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham has a new single called “Put Your Graffiti On Me” and we’re pretty sure that there’s some kind of double entendre here. Especially when she keeps saying “Tag me.” Is that possible?

Also: “Treat me like concrete under your feet / I’ll be your canvas incomplete.” Can anyone parse that?

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    • Nancy

      “I like you so you can own me if you want, I’ll do/be whatever you want. You can also splooge on my face”

      • Maggie

        Hahahaha, those are better than the actual lyrics! Also, “concrete under your feet”? What the hell.

    • Sarah

      there is nothing original about this song or the accompanying video.

    • Cheri

      I don’t like her voice, and she does this annoying thing with her lips all the time. I think she was trying to do something unoriginal with something “original”, and it failed.

    • Gracie


    • nelly

      Lmao.. hoping this is a saturday night live joke