Meet Florence Colgate, The Woman With The Mathematically Perfect Face

Sorry Beyonce, but Florence Colgate has stolen your ‘Most Beautiful’ thunder today: the British 18-year-old (above) has been crowned the most naturally beautiful woman in the world. After a public vote, Colgate beat out 8,000 applicants in a contest organized by Lorraine Cosmetics, which sought the most perfect makeup-free face. Applicants who had undergone plastic surgery were turned away.

As you can see, Colgate’s face is pretty much a perfect confluence of various Western Standards of Beauty. As for why she won, rather than assuming youth, symmetry, full lips, high cheekbones, blonde hair and clear, light eyes… there is an actual explanation. Take it away, soft science!

According to extensive studies of ‘attractiveness’, researchers believe the ‘beauty’ of a woman’s face can be summed up in a series of simple ratios.

The ‘perfect’ face has a distance between the pupils of just under half, or 46 per cent, of the width of the whole face from ear to ear – pretty Florence’s ratio is 44 per cent.

Scientists believe the distance between eyes and mouth should be a third of the overall length from hairline to chin on the perfect face – Florence’s face has 32.8 per cent ratio.

According to researchers Florence’s youthful, feminine features, such as her large eyes, high cheekbones, and full lips, are subconscious tell tale signs of fertility, health and good genes.

Colgate says her beauty secret is water (though we’d say western civilization’s biases are in her corner, too): ”My advice is for people to make sure they keep their skin really clean, drink lots of water and eat a healthy diet.” Fair advice, though.

A beauty contest is a beauty contest and whether or not you find them inherently problematic is up to you.

…However, on the subject of using mathematics to reinforce why we find faces like Colgate’s so pretty, there’s one major problem. The experts don’t account for people being attracted to unique, striking, and unusual features–ones that violate these supposedly golden ratios. Angelina Jolie‘s famous lips would eliminate her (they’re too big), Lara Stone‘s strong brow (and gap teeth!), Jennifer Connelly‘s prominent chin, Julia Robert‘s giant grin… the science ignores that often a person’s attractiveness exists in how his or her features deviate from the norm.

So, although Colgate’s face is extremely pretty, it’s also–by design–not terribly interesting to look at. What we’re saying is… we’ll take the weirdos anyday.

(HuffPoDaily Mail, Kent)

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    • Rey

      Florence Colgate is truly a natural born beauty but what makes her special more than her face is that she is not consider and that in it’s self is the key to the sparkle of her person.

    • bean

      Yup. Super boring.

    • superjack

      I would take an Angelica Huston or a Stella Tennant over this girl any day.

      • Kathleen the Great

        I would take Stella Tennant anywhere any day.

    • Jennifer

      But what about Samantha Brick?

      • Ali


    • Jackie

      great. one more way for the rest of us to feel bad about ourselves. fuck perfection.

    • Lyn

      She’s far and away prettier than what’s-her-name-again Samantha Brick. Honestly.

    • Mica

      I’d say the “science” is a bit soft here. Yes, she’s gorgeous, but the ratios used to determine her beauty also fit the face of a baby. I live in a state with a lot of child sexual abuse and I’m always creeped out by grown men liking the extremely young faces.

    • Meghan Keane

      Man. I”m so glad I got this amazing beauty/life advice from 18-year old Florence Colgate. Now I am equipped to be the world’s most beautiful woman next year.

    • Maia

      So you are telling us there are 8,001 women in the world? lolololol, OKAY! She beat out 8,000 I didn’t even get the chance to try out lol… The media must be very bored when they run ishhh like this. Now she is a pretty girl, but I wouldn’t go that far. I wonder if there is a runner up smh lol, and in regards to the word “PERFECT” this word does not connect to the physical body in any form, only the mind and actions. However if you think too long about this, it may start to make some sense, so be careful lol… Then it’s scientist believe, WHATEVER, what law says we HAVE TOO believe anything a scientist says or does, scientists are never sure about ishhh, that’s why they’re constantly researching lol

    • mb


    • Sam

      I am presently lying in bed eating a doughnut while my wine bottle and 711 nachos from last night sit on a table nearby. Take that, beauty science.

    • NYC

      Looks like the poor man’s Naomi Watt. 8.000 applicants is certainly not enough to make this claim. Garbage

    • Ronnie Svartström

      By Ron

      Yes she is very nice looking indeed but we happen to have girls like Florence in the hundreds in Scandinavia. I am not surprised UK people are enthusiastic as it is a fact that girls from the UK are seldom very attractive.Sorry the truth is allways painful.

    • woo

      I think it’s not necessarily beauty that those ratios refer to, but ‘non-offensiveness’.

      Seriously, this chick should rob a bank cos people would have difficulty describing her face, it’s so clear and unremarkable. Even the expression in this photo is ambiguous. She’s still nice looking though (and as another commenter pointed out, very scandinavian looking), but I tend to like interesting looking faces/bodies (comes from doing life drawing/portrait drawing)

    • Chelsea

      There are so many different types of beauty. The western standards of beauty keep being forced upon us! Not all of us find faces like this attractive, so how could this even begin to be true?

    • K

      She has a ‘boring’ face. Like the commenter above stated that she could rob a bank and her looks aren’t very memorable to people other than her light blonde hair. *shrugs*

      • Alexandra

        Agreed. She’s pretty, but she’s not beautiful.

    • Zooey

      I’m really opposed that this happened for so many reasons it’s almost hard to verbalize. Mainly, it’s that beauty is so objective, that the fact that this woman can just call herself a scientist and so by some fake sounding science of attractiveness, this woman wins, is just so… Morally reprehensible. So this woman has blonde hair and blue eyes and facial symmetry. What kind of message do you think this sends to people? What about to young girls? Growing up, my mother was the only person of color at her southern private school, and she was constantly told she could not be beautiful because she did not fit the ideal of blonde and blue eyed. As a joke, someone once told her that if she used a certain brand of bar soap enough, she would eventually begin to look like the beautiful spokeswoman on the wrapper. She would shower three times a day, scrubbing this bar soap into her hair. Even now, I see the long term ramifications societal ideals have had on her, and I know she hates the way she looks or how she stands out from the homogeneous soccer moms now. But my mother is beautiful. All women are beautiful, really. Not to be some sappy, “you’re all snowflakes”, type person. But it’s true. Beauty can never be scientific because everyone possesses beauty in their own right, and to parade around claiming “science” has found the most beautiful woman is just plain wrong. The Gloss is one of my favorite sites, but I have to say I’m pretty disappointed you guys gave any validity to something as demoralizing as this.

      • Lauren

        First, you mean *subjective*, and the woman pictured is just a contest winner, she is not making any sort of scientific claims, that was a separate group of actual scientists who analyze data and create mathematical formulas in an objective manner. Which is not about saying “this is what beauty is, unless you’re this, you’re not beautiful.” No absolutely not. What they are saying is that statistically speaking, those are the proportions that are the most often considered desirable or beautiful. Of course everyone is different and finds different things beautiful, they’re not denying that.
        There’s not any point in taking offense to this article. We all know beauty is subjective. The writer of the article says themselves in the final paragraph that these mathematical formulas cannot encompass the beauty of one’s uniqueness, which I would guess is probably even more captivating than the beauty of symmetry to most. Generally speaking, it is a person’s individual striking features, such as beautiful eyes or a warm smile, that makes them stand out to someone as beautiful. But this is talking about something totally different, a mathematical side to beauty. However that doesn’t mean it is attempted to devalue the former, the two sides to beauty coexist, and there’s nothing demoralizing about that.

    • Kim

      She is indeed very pretty, but nobody is “perfect”! She has an oddly-shaped upper lip; her teeth are showing through the hole in the middle of her smile. I thought it was funny that they asked her about her beauty secrets because her “secret” is obviously genetics.

    • Peng

      I see a lot of jealous comments. The girl is pretty end of… There are lots of pretty girls out there… Beauty can be subjective. BUT let’s face facts – OBJECTIVELY she is pretty. I am Asian and female, I do not discriminate.

      • My Perspective

        Sorry, but there is nothing to be jealous of. As to your statement that she is “objectively pretty”…um, no.

        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is about different perceptions of beauty, which can vary from person to person.

        While you might think that she is beautiful, I do not. A difference in opinion doesn’t mean that I am jealous or ugly.

        I don’t think that anyone who has commented is jealous of her.

    • Chas.

      She is very pretty according to a set of metrics. The softness of her features and natural sweetness and serenity of her expression also contribute to her beauty. These are less tangible but contribute to making her so appealing. Wonder what the runners up look like.

    • Amanda

      Wow. Just wow… All the comments on here in response to some poor girl winning a stupid contest make me sad to be a part of the human race. Especially the ones by MB – She’s not even a natural blonde and she looks old. And Mica – she has the face of a baby. Kim – Nice of you to attack her imperfections to prove your point. Everything you said is just….wow It’s not like this girl declared herself perfect – then at least you could justify these comments by saying her inflated ego is ugly. But she didn’t. She won a stupid contest and you guys feel the need to trash her for it. You’re all REALLY UGLY people. At least it’s probably only on the inside…you know…where it really matters?

      • My Perspective

        Amanda…people are entitled to their opinions, just like you are entitled to yours.

        So not everyone finds this girl attractive. So what? I don’t think she is pretty at all. That’s just my opinion. It doesn’t mean we are attacking her or jealous of her. There’s nothing to be jealous of.

        You’re attacking other people who don’t share your opinions of this girl’s “beauty”. Isn’t that ironic? No one is trashing her. They’re simply saying that in their eyes, she isn’t all that.

    • Sam

      She’s obviously stunning. The little green monster is coming out in some of these comments.

    • Blah

      Its funny that you say The most beautiful woman in the world… she is beautiful, but there is hundred women who are more beautiful then her and you don’t know about them.. its bullshit..

    • yogi bear

      She’s very beautiful of course. But surely, she’s not the most beautiful woman in the world, only 8,000 ppl applied!

    • Marisol

      AND she’s british

    • zed officious

      And it’s a white girl. Of course.

      • Konrad

        OF course – many white females are the most beautiful on the planet, as long as they look after themselves and do not succumb to the evils of modern society: i.e. the cheapness of materialism, miscegenation, promiscuity, drinking and drugs.
        The ladies who exclude those nasty trappings of modernism and live according to our moral traditions exude a natural beauty and earthiness. They tend to be much healthier and fitter as well.
        They also emanate a strong maternal demeanour and make the most angelic mother figures.
        I think the young lady in the image is absolutely beautiful. I bet that that she has an adorable personality to match her looks. You can see it in her eyes.

    • Elizabeth

      I agree that we need to stop emphasizing “youthful” looks as “beautiful” looks. It contributes to the sexualization of children and can be very harmful to… all women who lose their youthful looks due to time. These older women are still beautiful.

      And is this girl pretty? Yes. I wouldn’t say gorgeous though. In order to be gorgeous you need to make a statement. This girl has a very average face. I know dozens of girls at my school who look like this and even more who are prettier. “Perfect” ratios equals boring. There is no visual interest, nothing that sets her apart.

      I’m sure they have much more beautiful girls than this in Britain. Putting “science” into something objective and personal like beauty only contributes to the harm the media has done with body image by adding “scientific” reasons to why we women are never good enough.

      This sends a negative message. What about women of different races? The western ratios of beauty are indeed racist, as they often do not include the facial proportions of other skull shapes or face shapes. They often don’t even include a diverse amount of caucasian face shapes, let alone face shapes commonly associated with other races.

      Don’t let “Science” contribute to harmful body messages. There are billions of ways to be beautiful.

    • Kathleen the Great

      Beyonce is prettier.

      • u, idiot

        not even close ,,,cathy

      • Friedrich

        Beyonce is nothing great. She has had so much done to her to hide her strong african appearance just to appeal to youngsters who buy her “music”.
        Normally she would be much darker, have black, tight, frizzy hair, possibly a wider nose, carry much more weight etc. however she tries to appear “whitish” to appeal to her audience.
        All her songs sound the same and she really can’t sing very well, as is evidenced by her refusal to sing live for the african presidents inauguration. All this because she would have been found out. Instead, she pre-recorded where her vocals were “cleaned up” to make her sound better than she actually is.
        It is a well known fact that africans in the USA spend millions each year trying to look white. They use skin-lightening products, hair straighteners, etc. some of which contain dangerous chemicals. Sorry to burst your bubble but Beyonce is one of them.

      • ash

        The depth of your ignorance is almost funny. Beyonce isn’t trying to look white just like how white girls who try to tan, plump their lips and curl their hair aren’t trying to look black. If you look at Beyonce as a kid she has always been quite light skinned and her hair was almost like it is now but times change. Light skin (not white) is seen as more attractive, that color between white and black. Just like why white people tan, it’s like that nice medium shade is best, just depends what they like. It has nothing to do with race. She can’t sing very well? Can you sing better? Can you record and sell hundreds and thousands of an album worldwide in a few days? No. Because it takes great talent and determination. I’ve heard her perform live and her vocal flexibility was incredible. She reaches every note so smoothly and effortlessly. Overall shes a technical singer with amazing control and a stunning vibrato.

    • gina

      Yes, she is very pretty, even prettier than lots of celebs & symmetrical, but her face is also terribly uninteresting. There is nothing captivating about her looks, its balance bores me & does nothing to draw me in.

    • Kathleen the Great

      She does look a bit like CGI, maybe one of the Sims.

    • kim

      You can’t use science to define beautym Beauty is an art and an abstraction and trribly subjective, and so it should be. besides, this definiteion is purely based on western standards. What is i dont find blonde hair and deep set down sloping blue eyes beautiful? I find jet black hair and almond eyes beautiful.

    • Todd

      I am a heterosexual white male and I think that she is rather plain looking. Not stunning not ugly . Average with bone structure that is not exciting at all. I see this everyday!Kinda Denver crunchy looking. Am I missing something. Beyonce is more the head turner. Why could’nt they just give her this!

      • j0eschm0e

        beyonce is freaking scarey, plus her butt too big n her chest too small. better check your vision. maybe part of my thoughts is that shes over done, over publicised, way too sick of that b****

      • j0eschm0e

        and it DID say without makeup. I’d like to see her with makeup , she’d be even better. always someone b***hing obout something

    • Pizza

      I’d tap that!

    • Anna

      She’s quite lovely but I reckon she’s had her top lip tampered with. Any older photos showing it differently?



    • Markatzuli

      Now, fusing it with the photogenic guy would be awesome.

    • mike

      beauty is in the eye of the beholder not a formula

    • Give It Up

      Florence is perfect in just about every way imaginable: a flat, proportional forehead; thin black eyebrowns; long eyelashes; big, vivid blue-green irises with frigid white whites inside symmetrical, perfectly shaped and positioned eyes; a slim, pert nose; ears at a perfect height and perfectly positioned (even though she looks just as beautiful with them hidden); soft, large, round cheekbones; big full pink soft lips with a rose bud opening; a wide thin jawline narrowing out to a soft but prominent chin; and most alluring of all is her unblemished, fair complexion with healthy bloodflow and an eminent glow. The girl’s face is symmetrical and angelic. Not to mention she has blonde hair and blue eyes, a female treasure. Something about her face and eyes is just so refreshing to look at. This girl is the archetype of perfection in a woman. She’s not wearing make-up in that picture above! That is a miracle.

      Florence Colgate is clearly much more beautiful than any of the “striking” women you mention. Not to mention they, unlike Florence Colgate, wear truckloads of make-up and have had multiple plastic surgeries.

      Let’s be honest;
      1. She makes beyonce look like a round faced, wide nosed chipmunk.
      2. She makes Lara Stone look like a freakish wild animal (not that Lara doesn’t look that way on her own when she opens her mouth).
      3. Her eyes, hair, skin, and face shape are clearly superior to those of Jennifer Connelly (don’t get me wrong, Jennifer is very beautiful).
      and 4. Julia Roberts looks like a softly featured, well groomed man by comparison.

      Also, yes, Angelina Jolie is beautiful despite large lips, but the rest of her face fits nearly ideally with the marquadt phi mask, which is why she is beautiful, while many many other women with similarly sized lips are not as beautiful (the rests of their faces are not scientifically as beautiful).

      You can waste your time criticizing science and “western culture”, or you can face the fact that we men are biologically inclined, after millions of years of evolutionary adaptation, to be attracted to the most fertile female faces (fair and symmetrical with high cheekbones, big eyes, and full lips).
      Not only are these signs of female fertility, but men who do not see these things as subjectively alluring and objectively attractive are not as evolutionarily fit as men who do.

      Obstinacy won’t change what’s real and proven — even if the truth happens not to be consistent with the “everyone is perfect and all races and people are equal” idealistic mentality that overprivileged and underexperienced liberal activists pawn off to our little schoolgoing pride-and-futures. But hey, it’s not as if liberals have ever let the truth get in their way before.

      • Cade

        Haha. So the girl that the majority of people believe is not stunning is objectively the most attractive girl in the world? You need to re-think your “beauty formula”, then, because that doesn’t make sense. Actually don’t even bother, because as previously stated countless times, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is subjective. In my opinion, she’s a beautiful girl, but by no standard that I’ve perceived is she the most beautiful in the world. I am a rational, intelligent male,(who is also “evolutionarily fit”, how dare you make that accusation.. Most people disagree with your opinion, so wouldn’t that make YOU the one who is evolutionarily unfit?), and I can name off a hundred women who I think are more beautiful than her, some that I know. I honestly feel sorry for you.. Spending your time trying to calculate a subjective concept, setting your standards to something that you probably won’t ever get..

    • Jared

      She is definitely pretty… but I have most definitely seen prettier… she is a plain pretty… wouldn’t turn my head at a club though.

    • claire

      There is subtle makeup, probably mascara around her eyes, or else her eyelashes are bleeding color.

    • Nicole Jones

      I think this woman is really beautiful but not stunning because she is too perfect. There is nothing at all that I don’t like about her face, she just doesn’t have that striking look that I tend to think is the most attractive (I’m female). As the article says, you can look plain if you have nothing a little off.

      If I look at the celebrities that I find most attractive and look at a particular feature, there is often something I’d say is off or imperfect, but looking at the face as a whole they’re absolutely gorgeous :) I think it’s a case of having too many perfect features.
      For example, Gwyneth Paltrow is so boring to look at but she should be perfect. Cheryl Cole has a bump on her nose but she really looks good with it, it’s ‘her’.

      I’d happily have this womans face though :D

    • rayvin400

      one of her eyes is higher. whatever, also there’s no way she doesn’t have blush on.

    • Proud Pats Fan

      Beyonce could never compete with a woman who looks like this. Why? Because Beyonce lives a photoshopped life, with a photoshopped voice, with a photoshopped personality. She’s the furthest thing from “natural,” seriously.

    • ash

      id see 10 prettier girls if i go and walk down the street

    • 3 wheeler

      I think the right woman has finally been chosen. If you don’t like the way she looks you have a serious problem.