These Swimsuit Models Want You To Feel Better About Your Body

Shayk, V

We’ve got a twofer for you today, ladies: two women famous for how they look in bikinis are telling you to stop feeling bad about your doughy, less-photogenic form. First, we have Russian-born Sports Illustrated covergirl Irina Shayk, who–although she won’t go naked because that shit’s tacky–says it’s okay to have a few extra pounds on your body. She told The Telegraph:

“Even if you have some extra kilos, you don’t need to kill yourself for that, you just have to look at yourself as a positive. Yeah extra kilos but guess what? Men love it, you know.”

We appreciate the sentiment! Next, we have Anne V–erstwhile girlfriend of Adam Levine and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition vet–who is relatable because there are things she’d change about her body if she could! Butt-related things. She tells Allure:

“Like every woman, my dream is to have a Brazilian ass. Maybe it’s because I used to do track and field or it’s just how my body is built, but with every exercise I do, it goes to my legs. My butt stays small.”

Now, again: good sentiments all around (don’t hate your bodies! Brazilians have nice butts!) but every time a woman who makes a living off her outlandish beauty says “Love yourself!” it’s really hard not to eyeroll. 1) Because duh and 2) because the idealization of these very women (and proliferation of images of them) are huge contributors to body-loathing in the first place. Obviously we can’t hold it against Shayk and V for looking awesome in their underwear, but we can say… doesn’t this come off as a little hollow from you guys?

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    • thaumata

      So you guys hate it when people are shallow about body type and you also hate it when people are nice about body type. Are you sure YOU aren’t the shallow one?

      • bean

        I cannot count the ways in which you’ve missed her point.

      • Katie


        I’m not really sure how that follows.

    • lyle

      I think you’re right to say that we can’t resent the women themselves, but it seems intellectually dishonest to accept sentiments like this as purely body positive. In that same Allure article, Anne V talks about how she doesn’t consume any carbs (she lists alcohol, bread, pasta, etc) for 3 days prior to a shoot or show. It *DOES* seem hollow for models like this to then say, “Love your body!” considering what they do to themselves is absolutely punishing and the affect they have on other (non-model) women is deleterious.

      Phew. Sorry.

    • kit

      I actually think Cardiff was too soft! It’s insulting when women who workout 8 hours a day with a trainer and don’t eat carbs (ever) say, “Love your body!” It’s bullshit and it’s annoying bullshit at that.

      ALSO. Yes I am aware that some of them are naturally perfect. But how many don’t have to work at it every day to look like that? 2%?

    • M -

      I don’t see why the models would say it, to be honest, or why women need it to be said. If other women wanted to look like these models, or at least have their bodies, they could try putting in the same amount of effort. I think the models should equally be forthcoming about how much effort goes into their image. And I wouldn’t say it is ‘punishing’ your body – if they’re eating healthily, if they’re exercising, it’s not punishment.