Retro Snap: Do You Recognize This Silver Fox As A Young Man?

john slattery

No, you do not. It’s probably because of the beard.

It’s John Slattery. Who I recognize is not Roger Sterling in real life, but I’m still confused by his high school photo, because Roger Sterling would have been in high school in the 1930′s, so the jeans jacket and facial hair seems really anachronistic. For real. This is a real thing that is troubling me.

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    • JJ

      Wow. That is genuinely troubling me, too, because John Slattery IS Roger Sterling in my eyes, and Roger Sterling and jean jackets, they do not mix. They are not things that go together. I am so confused right now. :(

    • Sarah!

      I see him alternately as Judging Amy’s original ex-husband or as the politician who wanted to pee on Carrie Bradshaw.

      • Amy

        Lol yes, this.

    • mj1980

      Is it just me or does he looked stoned?

      • woo

        SAME! I was all “Jason Seagull from Freaks and Geeks?!” (And yes, his real surname is Seagull, he changed it cos James Franco kept making caw-caw noises at him and throwing hot chips)