Let’s Pool Our Money And Buy Lizzie Borden’s House

Guys, I don’t have $650,000 lying around. I really wish that I did. But my husband and I are currently concerned with building a house of our own, so I don’t think he would be thrilled if I took out a mortgage on a house in Massachusetts and moved our whole family there.

That’s why I’m proposing that we all pool our resources create our own little Lizzie Borden time share.

Now, let me be clear, this is not the house where the infamous childhood rhyme allegedly murdered her parents. That was turned into a Bed and Breakfast plus Museum. I suppose we could all just visit that house and not begin a real estate venture around a crazy story we used to sing at each other in elementary school.

But I still feel like it would be amazing to have a bit of ownership in the Lizzie Borden story. This house in Maplecroft, Mass is where Borden lived during her trial and until her death in 1926. Not to mention that the place looks gorgeous, right?

Even if you won’t start a financial venture with me, let’s all take a minute and find a partner to clap out the famous lines. All together now:

Lizzie Borden took an ax, gave her mother 40 whacks. When she saw what she had done, gave her father 41…

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    • Ashley Cardiff

      Jennifer and I are going to spend the next hour coming up with taglines for the B&B we will operate out of Lizzie Borden’s house.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Jen threw out, “Need anything? Just axe!” at the exact same time I said, “Can we axe you a question?”

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Also. “Our oatmeal is murderously good.”

      • Lindsay Cross

        I’m so glad you guys are on board. The place has 7 bedrooms, we can definitely turn this into a business.

      • Lindsay Cross

        It looks like I didn’t need to invite The Gloss readers to participate. We could just make this our Gloss headquarters! We could all work there everyday together.

    • Amanda Chatel

      I’m going to buy a MegaMillions ticket for the first time in my life right now in the hopes of winning just for this reason…


    • Sarah!

      You guys, I was so excited to go to your b & b that I mapped directions but there is no such place as Maplecroft, Mass. This may seem obvious but I just moved here.

      Anyway, I figured it out, it will take me 2 hours in current traffic, please prepare my room. I would like the Murder Suite, obvs.

      • Lindsay Cross

        Me and my silly Midwestern backround. You are correct! It’s not in Maplecroft, Massachusetts. It’s the Maplecroft Estate in Fall River, Massachusetss. I apologize. We don’t tend to name our houses here in Indiana and I got myself all confused.

      • Sarah!

        You don’t have to apologize. I just moved to New England from Missouri and I’m confused about places all the time. I think Google maps even laughs at me.