Barack Obama Used To Shop At Thrift Stores

The more politically radical I get, the less I care who wins this stupid presidential election. It’s all a sham, dude! Can’t you see? Then I see Barack Obama talking about stuff on television, and the man’s charm is like kryptonite all over again.

Last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the POTUS charmed the pants off everyone in sight, slow jamming the news, answering Twitter questions, and revealing his biggest presidential embarrassment to date. But the topic most relevant to this here fashion and beauty blog is definitely the fact that our current President used to buy his clothes at the Goodwill, something I doubt our last president ever did.

When Jimmy brought out a photo of the president in college, he explained his look without missing a beat, saying:

I want you to notice the afro. And then there’s, I guess, fur on the jacket, on my collar. My guess is that this was a Goodwill purchase.

Do you think George W. Bush ever bought anything at the Goodwill? Doubtful. I might not be that into U.S. electoral politics, but I would like to see this country’s definition of “an elitist” shift away from “someone who reads books” and more towards “someone who inherited a ton of money and power and actively seeks to maintain his privilege at the expense of others.” Hopefully, charming photos like this one will help.

(Via NBC)

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    • Fabel

      ” Then I see Barack Obama talking about stuff on television, and the man’s charm is like kryptonite all over again.” I heard clips of the interview over the radio this morning, & every time he spoke, I got a huge smile on my face. I couldn’t help it. The man is seriously charming.

    • MR

      Yes very agile, and handed a stacked deck, Bush 2′s mess. Democrats always get stuck cleaning up Republican messes. Jamie, I know you want change, and for the right reasons. But our system is slow, but flexible enough to allow us to get there, as long as there is the moral will. It’s political apathy that frustrates reformers the most. There’s only one time in history when the Democratic Party wasn’t the agent of change, and the that was the period leading up to and including the Civil War. The abolitionist left wing of the Republican Party should have proposed to redistribute the large Southern plantation lands to both poor white and freed black at the end of the war. Then we wouldn’t have waited a hundred years to begin addressing the race issue. Yeah, the Planters kept their land.