Worst Thing That Can Possibly Happen: Visible Spanx On The Red Carpet

Sorry to be manipulative (also, be realistic: the “worst thing that can possibly happen” probably involves people getting murdered and not red carpets or hiding belly rolls) (do you always have to be so flippant?). This is indeed visible Spanx on the red carpet, but it’s definitely not a catastrophic wardrobe malfunction.

Spanx founder Sarah Blakely flashed her shapewear last night at TIME’s splashy 100 gala because that wildly popular undergarment landed her on the list. Although she’s built an empire on squishing one’s body into more photogenic shapes, we still appreciate that, at 41, Blakely is the world’s youngest self-made billionaire (female division). So let your constricting undergarments fly free and proud, lady.

(Photo via HuffPost Style)

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    • Cee

      I bought a pair of spank shorts a few months back. Worst thing to ever own! I have a love/hate relationship with my jelly, but that thing hurts! I had to pull those shorts all the way to my bra..which somehow gave me heartburn and stomach aches, yet when I put them down to my hips, I felt like Id burst and ovary…never again.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I have never tried them! I have heard them variously described as “a miracle” and “the worst.”

      • Lauren

        I have a pair of Spanx that I wear when I wear very figure hugging dresses. I believe you and I have the same type, the shorts that go up to your boobs to flatten your stomach. I’m not trying to sound rude at all, but I think you just need to buy a size up. Mine definitely don’t hurt while I’m wearing them. Not that they are so comfortable I forget they are there, but they don’t make me ill. Also, when you roll them down to your hips, the extra fabric is constricting your body even more than just one layer of fabric would, so that would explain the extra pain (I’m sorry that rhymed).

        I love mine and they give my body a great shape when I wear them, but they are definitely not something I would wear daily.

      • Cee

        Not rude at all. In fact, I had wondered if that was the problem as well. I’m still debating (though most likely a No) about buying another larger pair because I like being comfortable. I love dresses because they are flowy and nice, this fabric, along with nylons make me feel..bleh, for lack of a good word to put there.

        Hah explain the pain!