Lauren Conrad Tries Out Hot Pink Ombre Hair

We’re going to call it: ombre hair has jumped the shark. We started to worry when it reached the arid locks of the high preistess of GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow, but now it’s landed on Lauren Conrad, a reality television star who has somehow parlayed her marginal talents into marginally successful books and marginally popular apparel colelctions. She broke out the dip dye at a signing for her new book The Fame Game because this is how publishing is now.

Let’s get a better look:

Conrad is no stranger to putting Barbie colors in her hair but this is pretty intense. Let us vote.

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(via Styleite)

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    • sara

      I actually like “The Beauty Department” website that she started (or more likely let them put her name on).

      Although,I just looked at it at the last entry (before her pink hair post). It is about making your own body shimmer. Hmm.

      • hannah

        I really like TBD too. It usually has nice make-up… the body glitter seems to be a bit of an exception.

    • Maggie

      Even with pink hair and cute 60s make up she comes across as completely dull!

      • Ashley Cardiff


        (it’s kind of impressive)

    • KeLynn

      I think this would be adorable *if* she had a more dramatic hair color. Like dark brown/black or whitish blonde. But with her natural darkish blonde color, it just looks off.

    • Sam

      As a person with all blue hair, I strongly advise somebody doing all one color with bright shit. I used to do my bangs purple and the rest blonde or have pink tips on brown hair or have the underside red, whatever…it looks not as great. Especially if you’re going for that “naturally colored hair” look :P Which, strange as it sounds, is my favorite.

      Plus, she is incapable of genuinely smiling so I don’t think she looks good with any hair.

    • Fashion Directory

      Pink touch is amazing !

      Lien : Fashion Directory