People Magazine Shows Us Zooey Deschanel Without Her Adorkable Makeup

As part of their “Most Beautiful People” issue, People Magazine included a spread of famous women without any makeup on. Like most of these types of shoots, it’s framed in gimmicky language like “bare is beautiful,” but then again, until magazines start shooting normal stories with no makeup on the people, it’s not like they can let the fact of “no makeup” go unremarked.

To my great encouragement, Zooey’s eyes are not, in fact, as big as twin planets, which means there’s hope that the rest of us can make our eyes look that awesome too, with the help of some good makeup. She’s still pretty, but she also looks like a 32-year-old woman you might actually encounter in the real world. Maybe she even looks like you! This is the best case scenario for a spread like this: demonstrating how much power makeup has to transform people. Which, paradoxically, makes me want to wear more makeup, not less.

Except wait, here’s Jessica Pare, a.k.a. Megan from Mad Men, looking just as beautiful than she does on the show. I will admit some bias in that I find messed up teeth and freckles (what a nice surprise!) incredibly charming:

And now we arrive at the worst case scenario for a spread like this, namely, “I’m throwing out all my makeup! I give up!” Oh well, People. At least you tried.

(Via Jezebel)

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    • Lemona

      I also find the “bare is beautiful” thing makes me more confident about makeup, and it’s all positive. I don’t look at bare-faced celebs and think, “Ha –I knew you were secretly ugly!” Nor do I think, “Oh no! If these people look good without makeup, there’s no hope! NO HOPE!”

      Here’s what I think: “Oh yeah, makeup –makes you look like another, slightly different version of you.” Then I buy some eyeliner. Not so I can look better (or like a celebrity), but so I can look like Other Me.

    • Sam

      I think she looks like Shannon Doherty; this is not a good thing.

    • Jo

      Bah, resident “I hate makeup” commenter here.

      Somewhere on the glossverse I’ve definitely ranted about this topic before. I used to wear makeup but now I don’t. My reasoning has to do with a) saving time b) being able to rub my eyes to my hearts content whenever I please c) being used to how I look, naturally. d) WTF IT’S PAINTING YOUR FACE.

      I guess somewhat related to what Lemona said, makeup makes you look like “another you” and at least in my experience of wearing it daily, when I didn’t wear it, I thought I looked tired/weird/bad and makeup was an improvement. However, once I stopped wearing it I felt like I generally looked pretty/good/normal without it, so I feel like it’s just a mental adjustment to how you look. For instance, when I saw that first picture of zooey deschanel, I thought, “she looks tired,” but I only thought this because I am used to seeing her eyes look a certain way—exaggerated and wide, so then that dramatic contrast made her look tired, but if I just saw the photo outside that context I’d think she looked good. I’d rather look good closest to my natural self. I use makeup very occasionally and only on really bad days or special occasions.

      And I agree with you, having a “natural beauty!” issue does kind of defeat the purpose, it’s like having an single issue or a single ad campaign featuring plus size models. But I do wish that we didn’t live in such a makeup and photoshop crazed society.

    • michelle

      For all the make-up haters out there, why do you even wear good clothes and make yourself look good? Wearing make-up is no different from wearing stylish clothes; they serve the same purpose.

    • Victoria

      Out of curiosity, what are the anti-makeup ladies’ thoughts on foundation? Because I’ll often go without eyeliner or shadow or blush or lipstick all the time, but as someone with a fair complexion who suffers from above-average acne, my face is so red and splotchy and oily without a little bit of foundation and concealer that I do actually look sick. So my version of “no makeup” is different, I suppose, because I’m still wearing SOME “face paint.”

      • Alina

        What kind of makeup you wear depends on YOUR unique face, so of course it’s different for every woman. Someone with poor skin might feel more confident with foundation/concealer. Someone with blonde eyelashes might feel their eyes get lost without mascara/liner.

        Personally I have jet black hair and light skin, so if I don’t push on some blush or tinted lip balm, I look dead. Adding a little color to my cheeks/lips makes a big difference.

      • Jo

        Victoria—I have definitely been there as well, when I started to have the worst acne of my life (in my adult years) I started wearing foundation for the first time in my life. But instead of feeling self conscious about my acne i often felt self conscious about my foundation being really obvious (good foundation can do wonders at those times, but bad foundation is yeeshhhh). Once it cleared up a bit though I was happy to wake up 10 minutes later every day :).

        Also, as an addendum to my previous comment, I am not trying to criticize people who wear makeup, but rather the norm and expectation that women wear makeup. I’ve had several retail/service industry positions where people above me have made comments about how I don’t wear make-up, some under the guise of “curiosity,” but I still found it inappropriate, and pretty bizarre that I was expected to be wearing makeup even though I feel confident without it.
        Ideally, I wish that everyone could feel happy in their au natural skin. I’m sure you’re beautiful regardless of the foundation!

    • Jamie

      I think she looks awesome! She looks like a real woman.

    • Hall

      Yay for a spread about beauty that actually makes me feel a little better about myself! These women are lovely with or without make-up, but it’s nice to see them looking more average. I am a woman who can’t wear much make-up because my face just can’t handle it. I don’t know why but if I wear anything more than mascara & a natural color eye shadow, I start looking like a cross between a clown & a little girl playing dress up. Even if it’s professionally done I look silly.

    • andrea

      zooey se ve muy bonita con maquillaje o sin maquillaje por eso es mi actiz preferida

    • Spastastic

      It appears that my eyes are bigger than queen of the wide-eyed look Zooey Deschanel’s. I have big eyes; I do wear eyeliner to accentuate them, but mine without makeup look bigger than hers without makeup, if I can judge by that picture.

    • Jon

      damn she looks at least 10 years older

    • EvaMoon63

      more celebrities should do this. it’s important for women to feel comfortable in their own skin, without the magic of makeup. they have the ability to influence people, why not set up realistic expectations?